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Alanna Zubler

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Fallacies

If you don't donate to this cause the starving children will continue to starve.
Appeal to pity
You should donate to this cause, because if you don't, then these innocent animals shall continue to be abused.
Begging the Question
False Cause
Hypothesis Contrary to the Fact
Shifting the Meaning of a Key Term
Sweeping Generalization
Argument Backed by a Stick
Argument by Association
False Alternative
Inductive Reasoning
Poisoning the Well
Deductive Reasoning
Argument from Ignorance
Contradictory Premises
False Analogy
Hasty Generalization
Crop circles are created by aliens from outer space, because aliens from outer space create crop circles.
"The whole thing begins to make sense once we realize that the earth is flat. We live on the backside of a huge flat blackboard (whiteboard, scratch paper, or whatever) used by aliens in their schools and universities. There are many of these in the universe. The flat disk of the earth is thin enough that student doodles made in alien art and math classes "bleed through" to our side. This happens because their writing instruments emit mitogenetic radiation (M-rays) that are well known to affect some living plants, especially wheat, barley, oats and corn. M-rays weaken the stalk structure near the ground, and the stalks bend over gently to lie flat on the ground, showing no evidence of forceful breaking. So the crop circles in grain fields are nothing more than the reverse pattern of alien students' diagrams made in geometry class. "
Taken from : http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/cutting/cropcirc.htm
If you're bright enough to buy this light bulb, which shines brighter than any other, you will be well rewarded.
If you don't help little lions may never see their mom's again!
Slippery Slope
Get rid of cable.
Don't let your car be as dangerous as what your kids do at home.
If you don't use these towels your hands won't actually be clean.
If you use our make up you will look beautiful without camera filters!
If you eat this cereal you will be as successful as a famous NBA player.
If you wear Nike's you can be as successful as Kobe in basketball.
If it weren't for war, we would all have peace.
If you text and drive that text may be your last words!
All American politicians are liars.
If you vote for Obama then you're practically voting for a terrorist!
You either text and get into a car crash or don't text and don't get in a car crash.
Nike shoes are the cause of child labor.
Don't use fallacies they are evil!
Obama is a liar so don't vote for him!
With these shoes, you can walk like a fish. Even if they can't walk.
We do it right every time. Since no one else has said that, we must be the only ones.
Simple things are beautiful. So is our new computer.
The government censored our ad. They always censor what they don't like.
The attempt to distract from the truth of the conclusion by the use of pity.
The number of alternatives is said to be fewer than the actual number.
Concluding that one thing caused another, simply because they are regularly associated.
When force and/or threats are used in place of a reason to justify a conclusion.
When a person rejects a claim simply because it is pointed out that he/she dislikes the claim.
Trying to prove something by using imaginary examples or asserting that, if hypothetically X had occured, then Y would have been the result.
An argument that uses the same word two or more different ways.
The argument is backed by a fact that implies the product is good.
When a person discredits and/or attacks the opponent.
When an attempt is made to apply a general rule to all situations when there are clearly exceptions.
When a claim is supported by no evidence.
An assumtion based on lack of evidence.
Establishing a premise in such a way that it contradicts an earlier premise.
When an analogy is used to prove/disprove an argument, yet it more unlike the argument than it is like the argument.
Drawing a conclusion based on a small sample size.
When one thing leads to a much bigger thing through many described steps, yet the outcome is often irrelevant to the initial phase.
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