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Mandarin Collar

Collar for the Neck

Ashley Sosa

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Mandarin Collar

Mandarin Collar What Is a Mandarin Collar Preparing the Collar A small standing collar, open at the front, based on traditional Manchu or Mongol-influenced Asian garments : Muslin
: Scissors
: Tracing Wheel
: Ruler
: Tape Measure
: Pencil
: Tracing Paper
: Pins
: Pattern Paper 1) After marking the
Shoulder and Cb on
your back mark it on
the pattern paper. : 5) 7) For the Top & Bottom of collar
Draw around a 1/4 seam allownace
up to the Shoulder mark. Materials: : French Curve Preparing the Collar Continue 2) Then Mark the Measure of your CF on the pattern paper and go up 2 inches. ( Don't go over 2 inches.) Go up 1/2 inch at 2 inch mark. Then go out 1/2. 3) With your French Curve
curve from the Shoulder
to the CF.
4) Connect the 1/2 inch mark
with the other 1/2 inch mark
with a Ruler. Then curve
the top as well. After connecting the Shoulder with the Cf, With the French Curve
cover the intersecting lines
and draw in a curve in
the middle. Preparing the Collar continue Creating Seam ALLOWANCES 6) At CB on pattern paper
Draw a 1 inch Seam allowance Seam Allowances Continue seam allowances 8) From the Shoulder mark do a 1/4 seam allowance as well with dashes. Seam Allowances Continue 9) Connect the dashes with French Curve. Tracing the Collar: 10) Pin the finished pattern on muslin with CB on top of the 1 inch seam allowance on the muslin. Tracing Continue 11) Start to trace around on the pattern paper with the colored side of the tracing paper facing the muslin. Tracing Continued 12) Make sure you mark the shoulder and CB as well Finishing the Collar 13) After finishing tracing begin to use a ruler and french curve to draw in over the tracing marks. Finishing the Collar Continued 14) After Drawing in the tracing marks draw in the seam allowances as well (1/4) Then Cut out. Finishing the Collar Continued 15) Repeat same steps to trace the other side of the collar but with the colored part of the tracing paper facing the other way. Finishing the Collar Continued 16) After tracing the other side while following the other steps cut out as well along the seam allowances. Finishing the Mandarin collar 18) Take both sides of the mandarin collar and begin to pin them together along the tracing marks.( Make sure you fold CB as well.) 17) Before pinning together use a french curve or a rular to draw in any tracing marks left. Finishing the Collar Coninued Finishing The collar 19) Finally After pinning together the sides pin onto canvas.
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