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Westland Printers: Focused on Technology

Company Background and Case Studies

John Hartz

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Westland Printers: Focused on Technology

Westland Printers: Where technology meets tradition
Meeting Agenda

Brief Overview & Core Capabilities

Technology Sales Case Studies
Retail / Insurance Space : Development of a Perpetual Cross Media Campaign
Education : Increasing Student Retention in an Online Environment
Retail: Service Agreement Fulfillment
Retail: Mobile Engagement
Banking: Daily Welcome and Fulfillment Letters
Westland Printers: Company Overview
Service Team
Matthew W. Flippen | President, Westland Printers, 443.928.0034
Paul Pappas | Inter-company coordinator, 301.206.7774
John Hartz | Director Technology, Westland Printers
Paul Cady | Director, Digital Solutions and Mobile Engagement
Westland Printers
Founded in 1929. Joined CGX in 1998. Merged with S&S Graphics in 2010.
Westland is a premier printer serving the Washington, DC and greater Mid-Atlantic markets, providing a turn-key resource for large, complicated traditional print projects, quick-turn work and data-driven programs. With Level 1 GPO and G7 certifications, we will surely meet your production expectations. To complement this expertise, we have a best-in-class technology and programming team, which offers fully-integrated marketing campaigns including mobile, text, email and social media that pushes out millions of touches electronically per month.

Westland Printers: Focus
Focus | Goals
Transition from being a general commercial printer to a thought leader
- We use our experience and expertise to help others achieve excellence
Become a Subject Matter Expert on Data Integration
Become a technology regional hub for the other local RRD OpCos.

Diversified our product mix while growing our traditional core products
10% of our staff spends the majority of their day on technology solutions
Increased top line and bottom line

Client: Asurion
Client spends $1.7 million annually delivering mandated documents
Using traditional print and mailing workflows
Lead to high admin cost, problems with version control, and postage

Data received nightly (10,000 to 80,000)
Validate file name and data
Process files for mail or email depending upon flag
Bounced emails moved to mail queue
Send confirmation file to customer MIS informing them of record status
Print, insert and mail records which fail to email
Offer online reporting console for client to check status of batch files
Provide version control as legal requirements of documents change

Develop an
A to Z workflow to satisfy Asurion's needs
Case Study: A Perpetual Cross Media Campaign
59.6% cost saving
(over half a million a year)
Closed loop for bad address handling
Consolidated validation process to one vendor format
Improved delivery times for validations
Improved audit functions
Expansion to Marketing / Sales communications

Case Study: A Perpetual Cross Media Campaign
Clients: Dell
Case Study: Service Agreement Fulfillment
Case Study: Service Agreement Fulfillment
Client: Strayer University
University Mission Statement:
The university focuses on providing higher education to working adult students and its class schedules and campus locations are designed to be accessible for this group.
The courses offered by the university are practical and business-focused, including courses in business administration and information technology.

University Facts:
48,000 total students
100 Campus locations in 24 states mainly in the eastern, southern and Midwestern U.S.
More than half of the students take all of their courses online, and the entire bachelor's and master's degree programs can be completed via the Internet

Case Study: Increasing Student Retention in an Online Environment
Client: Strayer University
Students enroll but drop out before semester begins
Fragmented University web sites makes finding important information difficult
Students have no clear on-boarding instructions

Pilot program of 3,500 students across a sampling of campuses
eBridge Arc delivers students to a PURL in a compelling way
PURLs track student engagement and progress
eBridge Arc preloaded with University collatoral
Desktop widget allows Strayer to push updates to students

Increase new student retention rates using eBridge Arc
Case Study: Increasing Student Retention in an Online Environment
Client: Beretta BIG
Case Study: Mobile Engagement
Case Study: Mobile Engagement
Client: Bancorp
Case Study: Daily Welcome and Fulfillment Letters
Client: Bancorp
Case Study: Daily Welcome and Fulfillment Letters
Expand with our clients as they target multi-state solutions
Only 40% of records contained email addresses leading to higher production costs
Customers who purchased multiple items would receive an email/letter for each purchase
Disparate sources led to incomplete data
Worked with Dell to collect email addresses from disparate sources to reach 99% email population
Truncated weekly database so that consumers only received one email with an attachment per product

By increasing the email population, and combining sales data on consumer level, the program lowered prodcution/postage costs by over $300,000 per year

A store based mobile marketing program supporting the newly created Beretta Insiders Group (BIG). This group is comprised of customers who have joined the program through communications from Beretta USA, at the store level with store staff and/or supplied signage. These people will enjoy special rewards, educational videos, contests, coupons, and other special services.
Beretta BIG members will receive local and preference based content, offers, and rewards to drive purchase and loyalty.
Lifestyle Focused: about the Person and Their Preferences

In-the-Moment: when they want it – no looking, clipping, searching

Helpful: provides “content offers” not just coupons; offers are multimedia/stimulating and include hunting tips as part of the experience

At Their Fingertips: a true concierge experience vs. competitors

Convenient: wonderfully simple and easy

Customers receive text messages with links to coupons, informational videos, product announcements, sweepstakes, etc.
When subscribers hit $$ thresholds they win prizes

A branch-less commercial bank that takes its financial services to market through 300 private label affinity partners.
Top 5 issuer of prepaid credit cards
Fifth largest custodian of health savings accounts
300 affinities each with their own templates and requirements for business communications
Relatively small quantities that make standardization difficult
Fragmented internal business units
Need to be compliant

WLP took a deep dive into their systems and designed a custom solution to get daily fulfillment letters and Welcome Letters to market
Hybrid solution using a Workflow Automation Software [Enfocus PowerSwitch] and XMPie
Increased compliance for 24 hour production
Continuous Process Improvement. We are building phase 3 of our solution.
Technology is a Process.
Core Competencies
• One 6-color heatset, half web press – Ideal for short to mid run magalogs. We have been successful on 1-6color, coated vs. uncoated buckslips as well.

• Two 40" 6-color presses with aqueous – We have a very modern pressroom that can excel at high volume, long run work as well as short-run, heavy makeready / quick change work.

• One 40" 2-color press. Great for 2,000 – 5,000 k/k book work.

• One 20" 5-color press with envelope feeder and a thermography tunnel. 5 color envelopes without converting.

• Digital color and B/W printing

• Die cutting, foil stamping and embossing – This is a core competency and strength.

• High-speed folding and gluing (folding cartons) – In addition to packaging we are set up to do self-mailer work on cover stock that get fugitive glued on this device.

• Bindery – Remoistenable glue capabilities for remittance work.

• Mailing and fulfillment – Traditional inkjetting. Plus an intelligent inserter that’s great for quick, low volume work. It’s easy to setup and program and fits a nice niche.

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