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Tidal Energy versus Biomass

Mikayla De Jager

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of ENERGY

Biomas Pros of Biomas Biomas is a clean re-newable energy source made out og human and natural.The waste is turned into coal and petroleum.
This can be a substatution for fuels, power production, and things that are made out of fossil fuels. pollution put out is little and is absorbed by the trees.
can be a substatution for fossil fuels its sensible to use the waste where we can has the potential to greatly reduce green house gasses. can reduce the dependance on foreign oil. Cons of Biomas collecting sufficient amounts of waste can be difficult. creates some green house gasses certain materials aren`t availiable. By Mikayla De Jager Energy news TIDAL ENERGY Its free once the dam is payed for and built The tides are very reliable becuase it is easy to predict when the low and high tides and going to happen The gravity of the moon and the sun are the only power the tidal power relies on so the source is renewable. Cons Building the dam costs lots of money The enviroment it greatly impacting when the dam is being built and during the process. Maximum energy production is limited to 2.5 terawatts. Pros
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