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Four Factors of Globalization

No description

Ms Lewis

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Four Factors of Globalization

Communication technology has changed drastically over the past century
Telegraph, Radio, Television, Cell phones, Computers, Social Media
Cell phones have ceased being just phones
Are now used to text, email/internet access, and cameras
Makes it easier to spread ideas
Necessarily always a good thing?
Has made our world much smaller
How will communication technology change within the next century? To What Extent does Globalization Contribute to Sustainable Prosperity for all People? Media Goal: To ship goods more cheaply, efficiently and in a timely manner
Containerization - transporting foods in standard-sized shipping containers Trade Tomorrow... The Maquiladoras of Mexico His Holiness the
14th Dalai Lama Tony Blair 2 3 Containerization 12.6 m long, 1.91 m wide, and 2.08 m high, made of rigid steel with a carrying capacity of 9,000 pounds Instead of walking around and spending hours asking who people know, does social networking like Facebook make this process easier? If so, how? These ships were commissioned by Wal-Mart to get all their goods and stuff from China . They hold an incredible 15,000 containers and have a 207 foot deck beam!! The full crew is just 13 people on a ship
It is too big to fit through the Panama or Suez Canals What are some possible issues with containerization? Fuel Heavy containers
Increased fuel costs and decreased transport efficiencies are offset by the savings in handling costs
Problem - Empty containers are sent back to developing countries to collect more goods Hazards Smuggling of contraband, terrorist, or terrorist materials undetected into countries Damaged Product Lost at sea
Tipped containers Transnational Corporations Reduce costs to increase profit
This is done to ensure they have:
the resources and parts needed to manufacture their products
a steady reliable source of labour
markets where they can sell their goods and services Think, Pair, Share Rank the following challenges and opportunities that people face because of TNCs? If they are in financial difficulty, TNCs will close down their foreign companies first
Have to keep in mind whose interest they consider to be most important Corporate Responsibility Multi-nationals have to be aware of their actions on factors such as labour and the environment.
Their responsibilities include:
Prosperity of the people
Equality of treatment and opportunity
Territorial security
Cultural and social vitality
Environmental health
Influence on the world stage

Do MNCs always do this?
Blood Diamonds What factors have encouraged this pattern of global trade benefiting developing countries? Lower wages
Looser environmental laws
corruption in government positions
No workers benefits - no unions
Proximity to large markets in North America Think, Pair, Share... From the images below, pick one that you think best represents each of the factors Transportation Personal Summary How do the four factors and transnational corporations affect you? Factors of Globalization E-Commerce Electronic commerce has been stimulate by communication technologies
People can buy what they want, when they want and never have to leave home
Groceries to hotel reservations and car rentals E-Commerce & Prosperity Does e-commerce have a restricted and limited audience? Explain. Developing worlds do not have access
Technology infrastructure is inadequate or non-existent
Lack of personal contact
Distribution and delivery is inadequate Challenges Opportunities Low wages
Outsourcing (loss of employment)
Environmental impact
Interdependence among nations
Provide more competition Cheaper goods and services
Providing employment
Reduction of poverty
Interdependence among nations
Put locally-owned companies out of business Allow people to communicate instantly
Running of commercials encouraging consumers to buy products
With technology, you will often learn about events before you see them on the news
As the news becomes more commercialized ratings will dictate what stories will be reported
How much does advertising influence your spending or choice in brands? Communication Technology Outsourcing - reducing costs by using suppliers of products and services from less developed countries
E-commerce - people can purchase goods and services through the internet Transnational Corporations They control most of the world's energy and extract most of its mineral resources
Governments are constantly competing for the attention of TNCs
Try to "attract" TNCs with policies, such as:
reducing taxes
selling natural resources at lower prices
subsidizing TNCs and adopting other helpful policies What message is the cartoon trying to get across to its audience about globalization?
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