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The Pueblo Indians

The indians that lived in the southwest

William Lee

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of The Pueblo Indians

Pueblo men were in charge of agriculture, politics, and war. Pueblo women were in charge of the house and the family. Women played important roles in the Pueblo religion and clan government , but caciques and warriors were traditionaly men. Both genders took part in storytelling, music, artwork, and traditional medicine. The nineteen tribes of the Pueblo
indians belong to a confederation
called the"All indian Pueblo council"
which makes joint political decisions
behalf all of them.Each pueblo tribes
has their own local govnerment,
withLaw, police, and services just
like a small country but they also have to obey american Law. In the past, Pueblo indians had a cacique, but today a cacique is just a religous
leader Social organization One adobe unit would usually contain one family and the whole structure is usually an extended clan.
The Pueblo indians used multi -storyhouses made out of adobe bricks, or large stones cemented together with adobe. Adobe houses were
good in warm, dry climate where adobe can be easily mixed and dried. It is also good for farmers that are stationary. Housing Jobs Pueblo men didn't wear a lot of clothing. They only wore breech clothes or short kilts and Pueblo women wore knee length cotton dresses called mantas.Today many Puebloans still wear moccasins or manta, but they mostly wear modern clothes likes jeans instead of breech clothes. They only wear accesories in a special occasion. The stories were passed down from generation to generation and there is a story about mother earth thinking their life was bad and and sending them a pottery making women to teach them how to make pottery The Pueblo tribe still continue to weave, make pottery and jewelrey. People still honor and worship their ancient tradition and their art. Clothing The Present Story/folktale music/art Pueblo artists are famous for beautiful pottery, jewelry, and painting. They were also good at stone carving, making baskets, and weaving because they were good at detailed work. One of the pueblo's instruments were pan pipes and a lot of their instruments came from other tribes that lived at the southwest. The Pueblo indians one of the folktales pottery panpipe pueblo indian's house women clothing men clothing pueblo indians in the present By: William Lee and Andrew Song
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