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Starting Point

No description

braiden stimpson

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Starting Point

Starting Point
-It started on Twitter in August 9th of 2014.

-It had died down until the murder of Micheal brown and other young black men

-It started as a hashtag but it grew into more and it became a protest and and it continues to grow.

-Critics said it would not last that it would die down but it still rises and polarizes.

-At least 778 BLM demonstrations have been held world wide
Why did this # turn into movement while other stories die down.
It is because social media is important to all people and people make first opinions about what people first see people don't take a look at all the facts we also develop an opinion based on what our friends think. Even without the death of Brown the movement would have still have taken off at lightning speed it was inevitable.
BLM Goals
Side Note: Polarize means to gain popularity
BLM aims to Achieve many goals not just for colored people but for the safety of all people.
The BLM movement has pushed itself into a national conversation again and again, it has changed the way we look at police brutality, and its about more than just a individual death, the BLM movement wants more of a civil rights movement type of change that breaks up violence and shakes up politicians.
Relates To The Book
In the book a trial is being held and a colored person is the defendant. It is unfair towards him because he is colored and the BLM movement was not going on in this time period so there was no way to make it a more fair trial
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