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Back to School Night

No description

Seth Miller

on 12 August 2018

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Transcript of Back to School Night

Topics of Discussion
Activities & Programs
Hot Lunch Program
Class Trips
Pen-Pals Locust Valley
Third Grade Buddies
Instrumental Music (band, orchestra)
ELA/Math Clinics
Odyssey - Supportive Services
Homework will be assigned daily, Monday through Friday, in the various subject areas. Only light or project assignments will be given on Friday.
Fifth Grade Curriculum
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Number and Operations – Base Ten
Number and Operations – Fractions
Measurement and Data
Friday Folders
Work that has been graded will be filed and sent home each Friday in a folder. Parents are asked to examine and sign the folder each week.
School Policies
Code of Conduct
Welcome to Fifth Grade!
Mr. Miller's Class Room 308
Classwork and Routines
Students will follow daily schedule and complete morning warm-ups.
New spelling words will be introduced each Monday. Students are responsible for completing a daily spelling activity from a choice of outlined activities. Final testing on Friday.
Students will be required to complete one monthly book report. An outline for each report will be handed out at the beginning of each month.
Daily Routines and Classwork
Curriculum Overview
State and Local Assessments
School Policies
Any incomplete assignments must be handed in the following day or the final grade will be a zero. Parents will be notified if incompletes are not made up.
Assignments are copied each morning in student planners. Parents, please initial homework and planners after completion.
Tests in the various curriculum areas will be taken from notes, textbook material, handouts and discussions in class.

I strongly recommend that each student set aside time for regular review of content area notes and binder material.
Students will be given adequate notice on larger unit exams. Smaller “pop” quizzes will also be given on a regular basis.
Comments are always welcome!
Students are to return the folder with its contents each Monday.
Please jot down an e-mail address where you can be reached on the form on the back table.
School Lunch Program
In addition to individual notebooks, students will utilize a curriculum binder to organize class notes and related worksheets.
Content Literacy Units of Study
Common Core Aligned
Anchor/Mentor/Short Shared Texts
Interactive Read-Aloud Lessons/Mini Lessons
Guided/Independent Reading Practice
Leveled Readers and Lesson Extensions
Follows State Social Studies Framework
European Exploration and Slavery
Geography in the Western Hemisphere
You Need It? You Want It? Do You Have It?
Hands Across the Hemisphere

Structure and Properties of Matter
Physical and Chemical Changes
Plant and Animal Needs
Matter in Ecosystems
Interactions of Earth's Major Systems
The Solar System and Beyond

Additional Curriculum
Kids & Company (Safety Program)
Second Step (Character Education)
D.A.S.A. ( Anti-Bullying Program)
Maturation Program
Vocabulary Workshop
Time For Kids

NYS Common Core Standards and Shifts
6 Shifts in ELA Literacy

Common Core Implementation

Balancing Informational and Literary Text
Building Knowledge in the Disciplines
Staircase of Complexity
Text-based Answers
Writing from Sources
Academic Vocabulary

Common Core Assessments

Non Fiction Texts
Authentic Texts
High Level of Complexity
Paired Passages
Focus on Command of Evidence from Texts: Rubrics and Prompts
Academic Vocabulary
6 Shifts in Mathematics

Deep Understanding
Dual Intensity

Intensive Focus
Linking Back
Mathematical Modeling
Number and Operations
Measurement & Data
State Assessments
ELA Assessment
Day 1 (Book 1) Reading-multiple choice
Day 2 (Book 2 & 3) Reading-multiple choice-short written responses.
Day 3 (Book 4) Reading-short written responses-extended written response.

April 11 & 12
Math Assessment

Day 1 (Book 1)-multiple choice
Day 2 (Book 2) -multiple choice
Day 3 (Book 3) applied math-short response questions-extended response questions.

May 1 & 2
Local STAR Testing
Report Cards
1st Marking Period December 1 December 12

Marking Period Ends
2nd Marking Period March 9 March 20

3rd Marking Period June 8 Last Day

Parent-Teacher Conferences:
Fall Conferences: December 14 (Week of Dec. 11th)
Spring Conferences: March 22 (Week of Mar. 19th)
Thank You All For Coming!
Looking Forward to a Fun,
Productive Year!
Anchor/Mentor Texts
Student Benchmark Pieces
Interactive Read-Aloud Lessons/Mini Lessons
Conference Questions (Independent Writing)
Lesson Extensions
Assessments (Formative and Summative)
Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conferences
Additional Activities and Programs
Class Dojo
Class Dojo is an online class management-communication app which I use to encourage important skills like working hard and participating. I'll also use it to communicate with you by instantly sharing messages, updates and photos from class.
Snack Policy
Full transcript