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ADVANCED (CAE) 1.2 Language Acquisition


ESL prezi

on 3 February 2018

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Transcript of ADVANCED (CAE) 1.2 Language Acquisition

1.2 Language Acquisition
How much easier is it to learn a language nowadays than it was in the past?
Discuss this question, use the images to guide you.
Have you ever tried language exchange to help improve your English?
How successful was it?
Would you like to try it?
What are the advantages & disadvantages?
Would you give any advice for a successful language exchange?
Consider, money, time & resources.
Discuss the meanings of the words and try to define them?
Howard Gardner proposed his Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1935.
According to the theory, an intelligence must fulfill eight criteria.
As you can see there are nine, one of these was added later, which do you think it is?
Gardner later suggested that existential and moral intelligence may also be worthy of inclusion. Do you agree? Why do you think moral hasn´t commonly been added whereas existential has?
Which of them do you feel you are like, how does this help or hinder the way you learn English?
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