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Animal Farm

No description

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Presented By:
Drew Campbell
Faith Kirwan
Tin Pham
Laura Shen

Animal Farm
Cultural Significance:
time period:
According to page vi and vii in the preface, Animal Farm was written in the "events leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. In the 1930's to 1940's.

impacting society:
Animal Farm impacts society because it teaches the readers that people will always be power hungry and piggish. from the quote, "all animals are equal, but some are more equal then others,"We can infer that George orwell, the author is meaning that there is tyranny of all men and women.

why people still read animal farm:
The reason people still read this book to this day is they want to read a classic that will show them the true nature of humans. this classic novel can really relate to society nowadays also.
Figurative Language and its Impact:
Major Symbol or Metaphor
One of the most major symbols described in the book was the making of the windmill. The windmill represents the
of the animals for animal farm.
In the book it states that the animals would "walk round and round the windmill admiring the strength of the walls and marveling that they should have ever been able to build something so imposing". this shows us that the animals felt completed from their hard work.
The book also states that when the windmill collapsed the animals mood and hopes also fell to the ground.
George Orwell wrote the book, Animal Farm as an allegory of the Russian Revolution in the form of an animal fable.
Major Themes

"All through that summer the work of the farm went

"We pigs

"Starvation seemed to
them in the face."-Personification

George Orwell uses figurative language to present this story in a clearer understanding. The whole book is basically a metaphor or simile because it is all reflecting upon the true story of the Russian revolution.
First Theme:
Have a Mind of your own

Second theme:
If you work together with people who have a common goal you can accomplish something.

third theme:
Having too much power can bring out selfishness.
This is important because if the rest of the animals had learned to read and learn the commandments better they would have known when the pigs were manipulating them.
Because they came together they were able to overthrow the humans.

the pigs abuse their powers in order to manipulate the other animals and to give themselves the best of everything
animal farm was written based on the actions of some human beings. all the animals on the farm were representing a human. this shows the many different human beings in the world with their varying personalities. whether good or bad, the animals portray humans in their own way. animal farm often speaks about how the corruptness of one selfish pig can affect the whole farm. this is very like the world we live in where everyone is influenced by someone around them. many people love reading this book because it shares with the reader the true heart of people.
animal farm is a book in which the author, George Orwell places the characters of the Russian revolution into the animal characters of the classic novel.
"all through that summer the work on the farm went
according to this simile, you can tell that the farm was hard at work steadily progressing, just like how a clock ticks.
"we pigs

this stuck up pigs in the novel thick so highly of themselves that they announce to the whole farm that they are the most intelligent and best animals on the farm. because that sentence does not have as or like, i can tell that it is a metaphor.
"starvation seemed to
them in the face."
because of the great shortage of food, starvation was so close to them. the animals were so close to starving. george orwell uses personification by using the term starvation and using it wth the human action, stare.
Effects on the theme:
The effect the windmill had in the theme was that it set
the tone of the book and it also brought the animals
closer together.
When the windmill was ruined, not once but twice, the animals worked even harder to build it again. This created a bond between the animals that Old Major wished for in his speech. The bond gave the animals insight of what they were capable of making and gave them the courage to overcome any obstacles for their freedom from mankind.
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