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Endangered Gray Bat

Language Arts

hector deleon

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Endangered Gray Bat

Problems 1. Humans are disturbing colonies by entering caves. 2. Losing migration paths 3.Bats are eating poisoned insects 1.Not using poison to kill bugs 2. Not cutting down travel corridors 3. Not going into caves that are bat infested Solutions 1. Caving is when humans explore caves. 2. Caving disturbs bats. 3. Bats drop their babies on the cave floor. 4. Some bat babies die of the cold. 5. The entire colony may never find their home. 1. Do not use poison to kill bugs. 2. Each gray bat can eat 600 flying insects. 3. At night gray bats look for food. 4. Bats use travil coridors to get home. 5. Bats can be saved by not killing them. Problem examples Sulution examples 1. The gray bat is a mammal. 2. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. 3. All the bats in the world have wings. the wings are made by thin skin that grows between its long fingers. 4. There were over 900 types of bats however most are extinct now. 5. Gray bats are medium size bats and have tiny eyes. 6. They use echolocation to find their prey in the dark. 7. Bats have toe claws that act like hooks so they can hang upside down. 8. Gray bats live in the U.S.A.. 9. Gray bats live in deep caves that are close to rivers or reservoirs. 10. They have to live close to water because that is where they feed. 11. At dusk gray bats leave their caves and fly away to feed.
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