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Codes and Conventions - Narrative Structure


on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Sitcom

In this presentation i will be explaining the genre of sitcom to you.
The things that are typical to find in sitcoms are called the Codes and conventions
Codes and conventions
Codes and conventions are the things that you
the audience expect to see when watching a programme...
Below are some of the codes and conventions you see in sitcoms.
The Running Joke
The running joke is a popular hallmark of the comedy genre.
The joke is there to give pleasure to the audience by
repeating the running joke in each episode, this defines the character who the joke is about, therefore giving the audience phrases and ways to relate to the character and they know what to expect in future episodes.
Canned Laughter
This is a cheap replacement for a studio audience. The laugh track has been employed where outside constraints such as studio size, budget or time could not allow for an audience to watch the taping of the show.
Sitcoms have identifiable simple locations, they are usually based around:
A Pub
A Living room
A Café
A Workplace
The location sets the tone for the sitcom, for example; Scrubs is set
in a hospital therefore the plot revolves around medical incidents.
"Men who believe or display an attitude that women are inferior to men, speak to women as inferiors, or treat women negatively based solely upon their gender."
These are just some of the codes and conventions that appear in sitcoms.
Many different sitcoms are different so they all include different
codes and conventions to appeal to their target audience
These are what make the sitcom its own unique genre and different to others like soaps and sci-fi.
Thankyou for watching
my presentation!

Any Questions?
sitcoms keep their audience coming back and wanting more by the codes and conventions they use which appeal to their target audience.
'dads army'
'30 rock'
'everybody hates chris'
'everybody loves raymond'
Made by Callum Wingate
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