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No description

Anthony Jimenez

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Newcastle

Newcastle’s previous No Bollocks campaign allows for some leeway in terms of message strategy.
Affective & Fantasy can be used easily in ad's aimed at mocking other beer campaigns

Newcastle Brown Ale
Top Competitors
Stella Artois
Blue Moon

Three Primary Methods of Advertising will be used
Traditional and Online Radio
Target Market utilizes radio and online radio stations such as Pandora, Spotify, and Grooveshark during commutes, study time, free time, and get togethers.
Online Print Ad Campaign
Permeated through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr
#ShowYourSmooth Social Media Sweepstakes

Message Strategy
Positioning Strategy
Positioned as a perfect stepping stone for today's young beer consumers
Integrated Marketing Campaign
Flood of advertisements across multiple media outlets used by our new target market
"Obviously smooth" = easily drinkable
Receive a comparable flavor and prestige of craft brew on a student budget
Easily purchased at stores of many types and events, bars, and restaurants around the world.
Launched in 1927 by Colonel Jim Porter after three years of development
Perceived in the UK as a working man's beer, with a long association with heavy industry, the traditional economic staple of the North East of England
Current Image
Newcastle Brown ale is brewed with pale malt and crystal malt accents and a nutty character
Low Bitterness & Low Hops than traditional English beers and craft beers
Darker in color, sweeter on the palate, made in a lighter style
Newcastle Brown Ale
Online Radio Ad /OTA Radio
Online Print Ads
Affective Strategy
Cognitive Strategy
Dark Beer = Heavy taste
Viewed at as an inexpensive working man's beer.
Sometimes seen as an old person's beer or a grandpa's beer.
Men 35+
Our Strategy
Integrate a cognitive message with an affective execution.
Utilize a humorous appeal to create an attractive and shareable medium
Ad's with emotional appeal most likely to reach target market.
Build upon Newcastle's brand personality
Extend Brand reach and inform young beer consumers of product attributes
Target Market
Young working professionals and college students
Ages: 21-25
Low to Mid level incomes
Especially females and new beer drinkers
High social media usage

Stella Artois
Blue Moon
Targets same age range as Heinken, but promotes more of a lavish or classy lifestyle
Uses a chalice or men and women dresses elegantly in their advertisements
Individuals who may have had a long day/week at work, unwind with a Stella.
Joseph Porreca
Donald Hampton
Elisia Negrete
Seth Rivera
Ashleigh Baker
Anthony Jimenez

IBM 307
Professor Bryant
March 13th, 2014

Radio Ad's Named:
The Pickup Line
Ron Burgundy; “Hello America, I’m Ron Burgundy and im Obviously Smooth. Now this [Man “How much were your clothes? Because at my house they would be 100% off!”] Well now that’s not smooth. Heck that was uncomfortable!”
Ron Burgundy; “But this, [sound of opening of Newcastle bottle *PSSHHHHH*] is smooth. Obviously Smooth. Newcastle. Be Obviously Smooth.”

The Song
Ron Burgundy; “Hello America, I’m Ron Burgundy and I’m Obviously Smooth. Now this [Woman singing horribly off pitch] is not smooth. Heck that was horrid!”
Ron Burgundy; “But this, [sound of opening of Newcastle bottle *PSSHHHHH*] is smooth. Obviously Smooth. Newcastle. Be Obviously Smooth.”

Customer enter Sweepstakes through Instagram,Vine, and Twitter
The best photos /videos taken will be chosen by our “Newcastle Pro’s” to win a trip for four to England for 7 days including a tour of the Newcastle Factory

Fine Print
Must use #ShowYourSmooth #NoFilter #NewCastle
Must use no filters
Selfie with a Newcastle bottle/Pint or a “Show your smooth” video/image
Creates a kind of “buzz marketing” campaign with Instagram users whom a large majority of users are the targeted market.
Compliments Great Britain's current online ad campaign focused on promoting tourism.

Major sponser of Music events and festivals
Targeted towards the average young/middle aged adult
Exciting and fun lifestyle
Blue moon is another major sponser of music events/festivals
Campaign to get people involved, by creating art inspired by the beer
Top picks featured in the advertisement
Invoke feeling or emotions that match those feelings with our product
Humor, Honesty, Brashness, Sarcasm
Seek to create a brand personality that consumers can relate to and interact with
Effective at cutting through clutter and increasing ad recall
Increases brand reach by utilizing an appealing ad that will shared on multiple channels.
Affective strategy's appeal to the younger target market of both genders but especially effective at increasing brand likability in female demographic
Used to inform consumers of unique product benefits or attributes
Newcastle enjoys a caloric content that is equal if not less than most beers competing in our price category
Previous focus on honesty hopefully improves validity of product based claims.
Perceptual Map
Digital Integration
ShowYourSmoothSweepstakes Media site with additional information and promotions; gather mailing list and/or metrics from consumers visiting site.
Digital media campaign allows for data collection and metrics on ROI and reach.
Overall Budget 2.9 Million
Full transcript