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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Cindy Carolle

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

We have a very familiar structure, things work smoothly, and it's a very dynamic agency.
The Executive Agency for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises
- Marco Malacarne
EASME is a growing agency with plenty of possibilities for professional development and our portfolio contributes to making Europe a better place to live, work, and innovate.
- José Vicente Garcia
In my sector, there is a strong team spirit and a sincere sense of respect, and that's very important to me.
- Hélène Barbier
Besides a lot of work as part of the change task force, to me this transition meant I had to get out of my comfort zone and adapt to new requirements.
- Hussein Sattaf
New topics to work with, new colleagues, and a new programme to manage, all this translates to increased motivation!
- Emilio Font de Mora
- Daniel Gassman
I find the development of the new agency as an exciting prospect, and it will push me to learn quickly and to adopt new responsibilities.
- Anna Pellegry
Welcome to
Change brings so many interesting benefits such as the creation of new opportunities
- Anita Fasio
I am impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism of the colleagues I work with, and I think the Agency will be successful in fulfilling its mission.
- Marco Cortopassi
We will do our best to make sure we achieve the goals and objectives in front of us. EASME is growing and I am delighted to greet new colleagues.
- Sarunas Zableckis
The agency strives to be a highly modern working place, and I hope that it will remain so, and that it will maintain a positive, appealing corporate identity as a larger entity.
- Bernd Reichert
Help building a good place to work and help delivering exiting projects for the energy landscape, make a difference
- Anette Jahn
I hope that, despite the big changes we are facing, the Agency will keep its human dimension.
- Melanie Cino
The dynamics of change has been evident, supported by a superb staff morale and its various competences..
- Didier Gambier
My main challenge is to continue to ensure service, commitment and enthusiasm; to make sure my new activities run smoothly and to contribute to the development of our Agency.
- Simona da Corta Fumei
We have to build everything from scratch, being in a brand new unit; it's a nice challenge and also a chance to assist in the creation and growth of this unit.
- Loubna El Jaouani
Exciting new challenges and the need for fresh air are a great motivation for moving ahead!
- Eva Paparatti
Although it is challenging, I look forward to investing in new partnerships and providing a good service both internally and externally.
- Bernd Reggers
We get great science and innovations working for the benefit of the society, working for Europe
- Franz Immler
We are building on an existing solid organization with strong values, a good track record and a clear road ahead.
- Maria Del Pilar Molina Sierra
I'm hoping that, as we grow, we will maintain the friendly yet professional atmosphere we have always been known for.
- Juliane Kammer
For me, the new agency means expansion, growth, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
- Fanny De Lannoy
I'm hoping that, as we grow, we will maintain the friendly yet professional atmosphere we have always been known for.
- Francesca Manduakila
I see that we in HR are in a sense also a facilitator of change - by recruiting new people to new or existing structures we bring change to the system ourselves.
- Anna Schmidt
The change is a possibility of improvement, personally and professionally, with new people, new ideas, new ways of working, and new perspectives.
- Claudia Guerrini
I see it our future as a bigger family, which usually brings more challenges and more opportunities.
- Silvi Serreqi
I think the future is bright. In my area of work, environmental research and innovation funding, EASME is the place where much of the action takes place.
- Christine Van Wunnik
EASME could become the example for other Agencies if we continue with the atmosphere we have at the moment.
- Gregor Novak
My main challenge is to keep on believing on what I am doing.
- Gabriela De Ro
Lot of changes, new ways of doing things, plenty of opportunities an great achievements – in a few words, happy people in a happy organisation!"
- Susanna Natale
I am confident everybody will manage to find his or her place in the new EASME family.
- Simona Baccheretti
During this exceptional period of growth we could reinforce the excellence of our working environment through the right mix of 'old expertise' and 'new blood'.
- Gianluca Pecchi
The ultimate challenge ahead is to support the recovery of European economies and the creation of new jobs.
- Marco Cecchetto
As we are recruiting large numbers of people in a limited time frame, we have to make sure that the quality of our recruitment remains.
- Jennifer Vermee
A good team spirit is certainly the key to pass serenely through this transition period.
- Nuran Saygili
I see EASME growing and successful, but with high scrutiny from external observers at the same time. It is part of the reputation, I suppose. And its reputation is high."
- Pascale Gaucher
We have shown to the parent DGs that they can trust on our expertise, motivation, efficiency to manage their projects.
- Muriel De Grande
The challenge is to develop a new Agency culture based on a set of shared values.
- Patrick Lambert
I'm hoping that, as we grow, we will maintain the friendly yet professional atmosphere we have always been known for.
- Arnoldas Milukas
The Agency has created itself a very good reputation and managed to attract and retain an impressive tool of talent. I hope it manages to remain a competitive and attractive place to work.
The first challenge will be to be part of a growing team that has to put everything in place, as my unit will manage a brand new programme.
- Christophe Coudun
Overall, change is good for an organisation because it avoids that everything becomes too much – business as usual – and because it keeps us all sharp.
- Olav Luyckx
I am convinced that a bigger Agency will be able to maintain its reputation for delivering excellent results, recruiting qualified and motivated people, and caring about its staff.
- Brigitte De Trif
I'm hoping that, as we grow, we will maintain the friendly yet professional atmosphere we have always been known for.
- Kalina Atanassova
I'm hoping that, as we grow, we will maintain the friendly yet professional atmosphere we have always been known for.
- Marco Malacarne
At EASME, there will be a higher level of synergies between the Europe Enterprise Network with the other units for a more complete offer for companies.
- Elena Fierro Sedano
The key challenge will be to remain united in the diversity of what we can offer, what we can do and what we can achieve.
- Gordon Sutherland

It's very interesting to work in an organisation in full transition. It's a challenging and very stimulating environment
- Agnieszka Stasiakowska
The opportunity to work with new colleagues, to share knowledge and to learn new activities.
- Leyla Mertol
With my work I support the transition to a more sustainable energy system.
- Stephan Renner
New topics, colleagues and a new programme can translate in opportunities for growth and increased motivation
- Antonio Aguilo Rullan
We will become one of the largest Agencies and I feel EASME is ready to meet the challenges ahead.
- Frieda Desert
Greatness is in number. We're getting bigger and we'll be able to do more important things.
- Bogdan Florea
The main challenge is to keep a good work atmosphere with motivated colleagues who like to come to work in the morning
- Elisabeth Helming
There are so many new faces I don't know!
- Francesca Harris
- Sergio Ferreira
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