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Classifying Structures

No description

Surithy Arulmoli

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Classifying Structures

What is a Structure? Classifying Structures Frame Structures Shell Structures Combination
Structures Solid Structures A solid structure is a structure that is solid all the way through (for the most part)

A solid structure weighs more than a hollow structure of the same size and made of the same material A structure is something made
out of parts that are together in
a particular way for a specific
purpose or purposes. Structures can be classified in three ways: Classification of Structures A frame structure is a structure
that is made up of parts fastened

The parts are often called structural components

Frame structures can exist as just the
frame or as a frame covered by
a coating A shell structure is a structure that is strong, hollow and light for its size

Since shell structures have space inside them, they often make good containers

They also use very little material in their construction

This means that they are quite light for their size A combination structure is a
structure containing a combination
of shell, frame and solid structures

Many structures are combination
structures because they are stronger

Strength is the ability of an object to
withstand forces

An example of this structure is a
house By: Sangitha, Rachel &
Surithy Structures are everywhere Function the function of a structure is what job it does
for example, the function of a bridge is to span a gap Building another way to sort structures is to examine how they are built and what they are built from Form form is the basic shape of a structure
forms of structures are classified into solid structures, frame structures and shell structures Questions pg. 107, questions #1-3, 5-6 1. Define "structure" in your own words. Describe three ways in which you can classify structures. 2. Classify the following structures as a solid structure, a frame structure, or a shell structure (a) a three-ring binder (b) a tent (c) a backpack (d) a basketball net (e) an ice skate (f) a sand castle 3. List five structures used in either a soccer or a
basketball game

(a) Classify each structure as solid, frame or shell

(b) Describe the form of each structure

(c) State the function of each structure 5. Do you think a designer should begin work with form in mind or with function in mind? 6. Think of a structure that can be classified as both a frame structure and a shell structure. Explain why the structure can be classified in both ways.
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