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hi! my name is zsombor nagy

Application PREZI for the scholarship of BRIDGE BUDAPEST

Zsombor Nagy

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of hi! my name is zsombor nagy

hi! zsom bor nagy "Jean" "boar" in english pronounced (....never mind...) together sounds quite frenchie my name is U there are KNOW about me like i 2 TRAVEL madrid morocco santiago de
compostela BERLIN lisboa portugal CARDIFF Ireland Italy SICILY greece france spain india thailand mianmar porto ALPES MARRAKESH trieste ROME Pyrenees valencia BARCELONA ALGARVE burgos LEON logrono PAMPLONA san sebastian bilbao UK london CRETE zakynthos Belfast Dublin germany HIMALAYAS kashmir SRINAGAR DELHI BOMBAY kerala rajasthan bundi JAIPUR pushkar mysore munnar BANGKOK KRABI SUAN MOKKH
MONASTERY YOGA Yangoon Inle lake BAGAN but i like iDEAS even more SHOULD a few thing iDEAS NO LIMITS ideas very fragile but have EGGS are like the potential FLY to iDEAS INTERNET i like connects thus making them bigger better and have unconnected out to ideas which seem & the it different (like the french name) like yet thought ideas not there are many parts UNCONNECTED STILL, australia SIDNEY brisbane Cairns because makes it possible everyone to reach to connect the WORLD PEOPLE sometimes strange stuffs and also but the they are BEFORE their BIRTH with this internet POWERFUL I can to connect iDeas tool use & HELP make a in the change World You cannot reconcile creativeness with technical achievement. You may be perfect in playing the piano, and not be creative. You may be able to handle color, to put paint on canvas most cleverly, and not be a creative painter...having lost the song, we pursue the singer. We learn from the singer the technique of song, but there is no song; and I say the song is essential, the joy of singing is essential. When the joy is there, the technique can be built up from nothing; you will invent your own technique, you won't have to study elocution or style. When you have, you see, and the very seeing of beauty is an art. KRISHNAMURTI jiddu
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