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Tour OSU

No description

OSU FW Dept Advisors

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Tour OSU

United States of America
If so, then take a tour virtual with us!
Are you curious about what OsU's Corvallis Campus Looks like?
Use your right arrow key to continue to move forward in the presentation.
Let's start With Nash Hall
Nash Hall houses the Fisheries and Wildlife Dept.'s main office; faculty and advising offices; labs; student lounge; classrooms; and fish, mammal, and bird collections.
The Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. also has faculty and graduate student offices and labs in both Wenigar and Hovland Halls.
The hallway to the FW Main Office is decorated with art work.
Seasonal Sites
To go east towards the heart of campus from Nash Hall, you would likely pass under the arch of the Agricultural Life Sciences building.
MU: Memorial Union
The heart of campus
Snow boarding on the MU quad in May. Truck loads of snow are brought in to build the ramp.
inside the MU
The Ballroom is on the bottom floor with Main Lounge above. The Veterans Lounge is to the right off the Main Lounge.
A view of the porch from the Veterans Lounge.
MU Amenities:
Bowling alley
Gift shop
& more!
MU Quad Wildlife
Life at the "Living room" of campus
cricket match on a Sunday afternoon
"Bard on the Quad" Shakespearean plays outside in the summer
Free weekly
concerts by local
artists in the Main Lounge
Snow on the MU quad
A rare treat!
Built in part as a memorial to the students who served in WWI.
1st student union in Oregon.
Dedicated in 1929
Plenty of song birds and grey squirrels.

Not pictured: the wily raccoons!
More places of interest
Places to go...
& things to do!
McAlexander Fieldhouse
McAlexander houses the Army and Air Force ROTC units. Navy and Marines ROTC units are in the Naval Armory building.
Gill Coliseum
Come watch a gymnastic meet or a basketball game here and enjoy the pep band!
Women's Building
Originally a women's gymnasium. Now a great place to take Physical Activity Classes (PAC) like dance, yoga, and swimming.
Strand Agricultural Hall (STAG)
Kerr Administration
Waldo Hall
Weatherford Hall
One of the most photographed buildings on campus is home to the Austen Entrepreneurship Program living and learning community.
Women's Center
7 cultural/resource centers:
Asian & Pacific CC
CC Cesar Chavez
Ettihad CC
Lonnie B. Harris Black CC
Native American Longhouse
Pride Center
Women's Center
Clock Tower
Even though this clock tower has a bell, the 5 pm playing of the OSU Fight Song and Alma Mater comes from the MU.
Come for a visit!
Newport is only an hour away from Corvallis
Get hands on experience!
Opportunities for internships and interaction with researchers
Student housing is available at HMSC.
Full load of courses Fall Term
One weekend classes in Winter and Spring Terms
Condensed and hybrid Summer Term courses.
For more information: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/welcome-academic
Press ESC to end the presentation in the Full Screen mode. Or, click any part of the screen to zoom in and review.
Thanks for watching!
Click the full screen button in the lower right hand corner to begin.
Oregon State University
5K Be Well Walk Run
College of Agriculture Administration offices and classrooms.
Located here:
President's Office
Veterans' Services
Career Services
Student Accounts
Financial Aid
Valley Library
A great place to study & get coffee!
A pathway down the center of campus.
Alice Biddle
Bronze statue of the first woman to graduate from OSU in 1870 from the first graduating class of 3 students.
Where's Waldo? Here! Completed in 1907 this building was originally a women's dormitory. Today it houses the Academic Success Center, the Writing Center, and more.
Visitor information can be found on this website: http://oregonstate.edu/visitosu/.
take a class!
Take FW courses on the Corvallis campus and at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) in Newport, Oregon!
Hatfield Marine Science Center
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