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sejong daewang

No description

Ashley Chung

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of sejong daewang

Name: Sejong Daewang
Born: May 15, 1397
Died: April 8, 1450 (aged 52)
Reigned: September 18, 1418-May 18, 1450
what was Korea like back in the 1400s?
Well There was no Korea or even north and south Korea it was all joined and called 'Joseon'
Korean people used chinese characters
for writing and reading but they spoke Korean.

The quiz
By Ashley Chung
How many characters are in the Korean alphabet?

what is the rain gauge called ?

What was the country name when King Sejong reigned?
what year did he die?

what year was it when king Sejong was born?
why did he make the Korean alphabet?
Joeson is famous for art in particular its buncheong (white powder) pottery however, many cultural artifacts were lost during the Japanese invasion of the 16th century.
Before the creation of Hangul, only members of the highest class could learn hanja (it was typically used to write Korean by using Chinese characters that they borrowed ) it was quite difficult to read and write, so King Sejong made the 28 letter Korean alphabet.
Each Hangul letter is based on a simplified diagram of the patterns made by mouth,tongue and teeth when making the sound related to the characters.

The blocks of letters are then strung together linearly
First made in 1446, so anyone could learn hangul in a matter of days.
By Ashley
may 15,1397
Started king
September 18,1418
(21 years old)
1442 he made joseon's
map book
1443 he asked Jang youngsil
to make the water clock
1442 The world's first rain gauge named (cheugugi) was invented by Jang youngsil
asked by sejong Daewang
1443 He made Korean characters (hangul)
1446 he introduced
the alphabet to every one
1450 he died
Rain gauge
Sejong Deawang asked Jang yeongsil to make the world's first rain gauge (Cheugugi)
water clock
A rain gauge is to check how much rain has fallen. To prevent floods and drouts
most of the people were farmers.
the quiz
the quiz
the quiz
Jang yeongsil created a new design the water clock which King Sejong asked for.
Jang yeongsil
Jang Yeong-sil was a famous Korean scientist and astronomer. Although Jang was born into a lower class King Sejong's new policy allowed Jang to work at the royal palace.
korean won ($10)
thank you for listening.
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