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A Focus on Feedback

No description

Adam Rosenberg

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of A Focus on Feedback

PHS Transformation: A Focus on Feedback
Professional Learning Community
power standards & unpack into learning targets.
Develop common assessments to
elicit evidence of learning.
Analyze student performance data in order to
provide effective feedback.
Work cooperatively
to share effective best practices.
on instructional strategies
Once through the common assessment cycle each semester
Clarifying Learning Intentions
Providing Opportunities for Cooperative Learning
Eliciting Evidence of Learning
Providing Effective Feedback
Engaging Students in the Analysis of their own Performance Data
Technology to Support Formative Assessment Strategies
Eno Boards, Chrome Books & Google Docs for cooperative learning, data analysis, providing feedback, & eliciting evidence of learning
Infinite Campus for data analysis and progress monitoring
Online learning platforms
5D+ iPad app for eliciting evidence of learning & providing feedback
Project Based Learning--in core classes and during Enrichment Period
Learning Intentions
include 21st Century transfer skills.
demonstrate their learning
through authentic projects & before an audience.
Teacher provides
on multiple product/performance iterations.
Students work
on their work.
1 Project per semester in core classes and in Enrichment grades 7-11; one public presentation in Enrichment
Flexible Schedule:
Common Planning Time to support teacher collaboration on common assessments and interdisciplinary project based work
'Flex' meeting time to enable teachers to choose their own collaborative configurations based on their needs
Flexible 8th period to enable students to work on projects, seek help in Tutorial, or do homework
Contiguous English/Social Studies and Math/Science classes to support an interdisciplinary approach to instruction and project work
Standards-based Grading:
on specific skills
Classroom Expectations
Student Voice--providing feedback & working on 21st century transfer skills
Advocating for eligibility
Student Council
Student-led P/T conferences, assemblies, pep rallies, & winter carnival
Understanding by Design (unit development):
to transfer skills
that target these skills and require students to demonstrate their learning through products and performances
SU Writing Rubric
argument writing in each discipline
When learning, it's helpful to know:
where you are
where you're going
how to get there
(Wiliam, D., Thompson, M.)

Embedded Formative Assessment
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