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Virtual Connections

Three online art teachers describe how they teach art to students world wide and how any art teacher can bring the on-line world, family and community into their art rooms.

Krista Hepford

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of Virtual Connections

calls The Development of Creativity Express 2003 2005 2007 2010 Connecting with students all over the world Read our white paper on how art leads the way to academic improvement: VIRTUAL CONNECTIONS Student Success Fostering Art Development in an On-line World Who How do you
teach art online? Lawrence Virtual School (LVHS)
is a public school. It’s Different from Homeschooling Fun to share with students everywhere!!!! Creativity Express is
a great way to connect
real art concepts & young minds My Family Played
at Pitt! My Pottery! Artistic Advisor
For iCademy
~Yearbook~ “Don’t let anyone tell you not to reach for the stars, when there are footprints on the moon.” Katie Kokoskie
Art & Electives Teacher
& Virtual Events Coordinator
at International Academy Phone Number:
IM/Skype: icademykkokoskie Sheila Wilkins- Fine Art, Digital Art, Web and Game design
(at Magic Gardens, Philadelphia) BFA
Parsons School of Design – NYC
Visual Arts Education University of Kansas
9 yrs teaching experience in Kansas and Missouri
Brick and Mortar schools K-12
6 years experience owning and operating an Art Gallery
3 yrs experience virtual
Art/Tech Teacher
Lawrence Virtual High School- KS Click video above to meet the art teacher. Team Krista Hepford
Art & Technology Consultant
Certified in art for grades K-12
Over ten years teaching experience
Educating online since 2006

I’m always  looking for unique ways to reach
students which is probably what lead me to the
virtual edge. My upper level art students have
traveled with me to Europe, practiced night
photography at hot air balloon glows and visited
fashion design shows. I am so proud to have students that
have competed and won national and international contests.

As my own daughter began preschool, I enjoyed learning Montessori methods and designed creative projects for ages 3-6. Through experiences with older students I realized that many students would benefit from early creative training .

Since 2006 I have been a pioneer in building and teaching online art courses. . I currently work as a curriculum writer and art education/technology consultant.

I believe that everyone is blessed with creative ability
and that the development of it will help their overall joy
of learning and enrich their lives.

Please contact me if you have questions or
would like assistance with your own program.

K. Hepford


Skype, IM, Audio E-mail, phone, txt

Hallmark/Blue Mountain Cards

Course Announcements

Images within kmails

Hall Talk - free time to gather in an online room simulating passing in the hall

Virtual Field Trips

school contests, clubs,
online talent shows Notes Quiz Clear instructions in the course and Teacher delivered in PPT index Print out your Assignment sheets and read it before you take start each Level .

As you go through the labs, when it says, Open Kompozer,
You need to Open
Kompozer on your computer and work along with the course.

Be careful to save it to your web design folder. Monthly national Professional development meetings – either sharing best practices – or in content specific groups discussing pertinent topics for each group.

Each group has a distribution list for sharing resources, or communication across the US. Students receive an Art Kit via UPS.
All instructions are delivered online ,
in the course or via Class Connect. Learn anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection via our web-based system.
Each class is taught by Kansas-licensed, subject specific teachers. Opportunities for social engagement through field trips, clubs, contests, competitions and other activities ClassConnect
To attend a session, Students simply click on the blue link for that session 1. Students mail actual artwork to office
2. Artwork mailed to my home
3. Artwork mounted on black paper
4. Label created and put on artwork
5. Make Program
6. Drive to Event
7. Hang show
8. Attend event
9. Dissemble show
10. Mail artwork back “NIGHT OF EXCELLENCE”
Goodyear @ YMCA
Tucson @ Reid Park Zoo
Kingman @ Hybrid Site In-Person Events March: month of art
and music events “Celebration of the Arts”
Live Virtual Music and Art Shows Creative communications &
Virtual Field Trips Showcasing student artwork in live
teaching sessions & posting on-line Making the transition from virtual to actual artwork fostering
community Professional
work at own pace
(allows for swift advancement as
well as slowing down when needed)

school environment 7 Safety:
social or behavioral issues

medical restrictions

unique lifestyle:
musicians, athletes, scholars

more parental involvement

Scheduling conflicts with other courses

faith based reasons online accountability Kingman, Arizona
K12 Hybrid
Schooling Site student ieps, ilps,
counseling and remediation

travel to face - to - face meetings
(less frequent as technology improves though still extremely important to unity of school)

online professional development opportunities & courses grow This Prezi creation sponsored by
www.madcaplogic.com Tucson, AZ
general hall talk
& studio time Face 2 Face or Both ... When,
How do Students submit work for grading? What great photos to view sessions for a different day, Students use the blue arrows at the top Traveling Kanvas
This canvas was sent from student to student across Kansas. We met weekly to discuss changes make creative decisions. This elite group was inspired by the styles of Georgia O'Keefe, Vincent Vangogh, Edgar Degas and Gustave Klimpt. <Art displayed at a local gallery with a projector.

Patrons agreed to
pose in front of the projector for this collage so that our long-distance students could see people enjoying their art. 2011 K12 National Winner meet & greets
art workshops Gathering
On-Line E-L-E-ME-NT-S
Elements help you do your best.

Principles will help you put them in their place.

When you are doing art
These help you get your start. http://www.musicanet.org/robokopp/Lieder/kaffeeli.mid Elements of Art song
to the tune of C-O-F-F-E-E SHOULDERS, KNEES & TOES:
Form an entire body from items you have in your home or go outside on a sunny day to outline your shadow in sidewalk chalk. Explore the proportions of the body and add details.

Note: These projects are semi-symmetrical.
(having near mirror image qualities but not exactly) HEAD:
It’s interesting how different facial features can bring out a different nationality (from another land) or personality.

Try a 3D portrait by drawing a face on an egg, vegetable or other object. Drawing in 3D is a bit more challenging. Lil’ help?
Click here> Project Alternative Art 2 Key Words




(race) Check for teacher comments in your grade area. SUBMIT ART & STUDENT COMMENTS
Take a photo against a solid background and follow the TURN IN directions in your course.

Art Title
Photo of Art
Student Comments So… what exactly is the art teacher looking for here?

Basically – Students should give the art a meaningful title and
try to use vocabulary words as they discuss their work.
Click critique guide below for helpful questions that guide the student. TALK ABOUT IT! Turn-In Guide Art 2 All Done. You’re doing great! Thank you to the families that allowed us to share our work.

Pallet design credit:
stevecic_deviant art Live Classes
Please join me and other 6th-8th grade art students in the virtual art room.

Private instruction available - Mon/Wed/Fri 9am to noon or by appt. 
Find recordings below when available :

Kind Critic session:

Making a Self-portrait template:

Tough Facial Features: ears/nose - Quick body drawing and practice:

Interiors & Interactive Activities:
Here is an example that I shared with the class as we discussed ways of crea Use your brain
to entertain. Creativity Express is a curriculum that integrates extremely well into the online K-12 art education of students at PA Distance Learning Charter School. The school has integrated the curriculum seamlessly into the lessons and units students complete in their art classes. The ability for Creativity Express to present information through oral and visual presentation mediums has been an asset to the students. Students are able to hear and see the online lessons then practice the concepts through virtual manipulates. Students then take a quiz that allows them to retake questions that do not get correct. This ability to present in many manners helps to address the differing learning styles of students within the school. The ability for students to retake missed assessment questions also allows for students to relearn through re-teaching the missed components. This supports mastery of the concepts rather than just testing. The integrated lessons plans and activities really lend themselves to a virtual environment by offering virtual hands on art activities for all students. The constructive response activities also help push students to critically think and respond about their own and others art. This aspect will really help to integrate the upcoming common core into the existing classes with critical written components. Finally, the artists for reference and artist trading cards are an invaluable source for students to make real word connections to actual artists throughout history. All in all Creativity Express works hand and hand with the curriculum of PA Distance Learning Charter School to create a standards based, authentic art curriculum offered in K-12.

~Brigitt Watts
Art Educator K-12
PA Distance Learning Charter School
2100 Corporate Dr, Suite 500
Wexford, Pa 15090
Brigitt.watts@padistance.com http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cIVUc3V6M9 Simple concept
introduction http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=7436552&height=267&width=200 work at own pace
(allows for swift advancement as
well as slowing down when needed) faith based reasons Scheduling conflicts with other courses http://v7.k12.com/sample_lessons/high_school_fixes/Fine_Art/Art%20of%20India%20Lesson%201.5.3/CLICK_TO_START.html more parental involvement unique lifestyle:
musicians, athletes, scholars traveling or military families health restrictions school environment:
social or behavioral issues -Standardized world-class curriculum-
-Partnership with licensed teachers-
-Accountability: State Testing-
-Attendance Audit- Where is their classroom? When is class time? Our www. favorites Easily communicate -track time spent in each module
-auto-graded quizzes showing # of times taken
-optional notification of student logins, challenge completion and uploaded artwork ready for comment
-control of which modules are open to which students
-rubric assessment based on grade enrolled Easily monitor student activity Real Art Gallery
Examples - Give helpful feedback on projects in student portfolio

- Request parent assistance with certain skills inside portfolio Easily increase parent awareness and involvement Art homework - Have students watch concept at home before class introducton Out sick or other conflict? - still able to grasp concept and even do activities before return Great bonding tool parents can watch with child
and help load artwork they needed more time on Easily show credibility Flexible, easy to follow structure Expanded theory
& interactive
development Hands-on
display of
understanding clean layout of lessons teacher may modify order of lessons
or close lessons until ready to use animated
lessons utilizing the effects of music, movement
& stunning visuals to allow students
to practice complex art concepts
using interactive tools Student portfolios (select share-ability coming soon) Easily Afford Interactive challenge quizzes
& easy to follow project ideas http://www.artsonia.com http://art.scholastic.com/ http://websites.swlearning.com/cgi-wadsworth/course_products_wp.pl?fid=M20b&product_isbn_issn=0155050907&discipline_number=436 http://arthistoryresources.net/ http://www.voki.com/ http://www.safeshare.tv/ http://www.arteducators.org/ http://www.khanacademy.org/ http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/ CREATIVITY EXPRESS by http://www.madcaplogic.com State of the art custody reasons Free Course Sampler Clearly articulated Rubrics for every assignment. Every point Possible is listed on this sheet. – There are No Mystery Points!

Please check it carefully before you submit your assignment folder! Students in the museum and
logged on at home speak with the curator of the Wilcox Greek Museum. Students met in person & online to learn about water
conservation and draw up plans for a rain barrel contest. Local students carried out the plans with Krista & Sheila.
They took the top three spots competing against brick and
mortar students, college students and adults. They got to walk in an Earth Day parade with their winning barrels.
All barrels were sold to benefit the
conservation department for education. Connection Tools http://www.madcaplogic.com
http://arted20.ning.com more to be added Watch video at: http://www.madcaplogic.com Recording Demos -Students
never miss a demonstration and your year just got a lot easier. Stop teaching the same way year to year. Expound!! Time lapse demos (click above to play)
show more than you can in a class period,
It can be re-viewed by students and you can revise it unlike U-tube videos.

(free movie-maker program from Microsoft
and a cheap camera) Art Glossary Artist
Cards Lots of great extras [basic project skill level between 8-12yr
- easily modified to younger or older] CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS....http://www.madcaplogic.com/signup.php http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-k12-poll-more-american-parents-customize-their-coffee-than-their-childs-education-193258411.html .jpg images now load easily and resize to fit The launch of animated, interactive
on-line art education: geeArt16. GeeArt16 evolves into Creativity Express. 2013 To provide additional opportunities for students of all ages to participate in creative learning focused on the arts.
To encourage commitment to the arts by students, parents, teachers, and community members.
To recognize fine arts education as an important component in the total education curricula that develops citizens of a global society. *
To expand the fine arts program in our school and stimulate interest in new ones.
To direct attention to the value of fine arts education which develops divergent and critical thinking; multicultural awareness; and technical, communication, and expressive skills.*
To increase community understanding and interest in fine art and fine arts education through involvement in art exhibits, workshops, recitals, and other creative venues. *
To build the artistic and musical communities at iCademy and foster the global connections our students are able to make during their time with us.
*Adapted from www.arteducators.org Why Celebrate Fine Arts Month? How can participating in the arts benefit your child?
Top 10 skills children learn from the arts
What is K12 doing to support the arts?
Highlights from K12 Music and Art courses
Interactive music and art activity for parents to participate in Peter and the Wolf & Rhythmic Pyramid Parent Workshops All workshops sessions can be accessed through class connect. Students who would like to share their artwork or musical talents in the live, virtual Celebration of the Arts sessions must sign up in advance. Students do not need to sign up in advance just to attend. Fine Arts Month Schedule of Events Monday, March 4th; 11:00 am ET

Tuesday, March 5th; 7:00 pm ET

Tuesday, March 5th; 2:00 pm ET

Thursday, March 7th; 1:00 pm ET

Tuesday, March 12th; 1:00 pm ET

Thursday, March 14th; 11:00 am ET

Tuesday, March 19th; 12:00 noon ET

Wednesday, March 20th; 10:00 am ET

Thursday, March 21st; 12:00 noon ET K-8 Parent Workshop (The Importance of the Arts & K12 Opportunities within Fine Arts for Our Students)

High School Parent Workshop
(The Importance of the Arts & K12 Opportunities within Fine Arts for Our Students)

Teacher Kick Off
(Art and Music Teacher Demo/Performance)

High School Music Workshop Session
(Musical Composition)

All Ages Art Workshop
(Student Focus on Fundamentals of Art)

K-5 Music Workshop Session (Musical Finger Plays)

Middle School Music Workshop Session
(Learn How to Sing the Right Way-Group Voice Lesson)

K-8 Celebration of the Arts
(Live, Virtual Music Recital & Art Show)

High School Celebration of the Arts
(Live, Virtual Music Recital & Art Show) iCademy’s Celebration of the Arts
Fine Arts Recital & Art Show Calling all performers and artists…
We need YOU to perform and show off your art!!!!
We can’t have a recital or art show without performers and artists….so if you have a talent and/or artwork
you would like to share, now is your chance!

There are no genre requirements for this performance/exhibit,
but all performances must be approved by Mrs. Merrill
and all artwork must be approved by Mrs. Kokoskie

If you would like to perform: send Mrs. Merrill a K-Mail (search for Shailagh Merrill
under Teacher). Include your grade, how you will perform (instrument, voice, band, dance, etc), title of song, and lyrics if applicable. Performances should be 1-2 minutes in length. All performances must be approved ahead of time. Performances may be live via elluminate mic (a webcam is not necessary) or video (vimeo is preferred) clips may be submitted.
If you would like to share your artwork: send Mrs. Kokoskie a K-Mail (search for Katie Kokoskie under Teacher). Attach a picture of your artwork, title of artwork, include your grade, and a sentence or two on how you created your art (what media did you use) and
your inspiration for your art. All artwork must be sent to Mrs. Kokoskie ahead of time
via k-mail for pre-approval and inclusion in the Fine Arts show.
The deadline to sign up to perform or share art is Friday, March 15th, at 9:00 pm ET!  With web cameras,
Students can see
each other working
as the teacher "looks over their shoulders" At this meet & greet, students were taught pavement chalk painting and their work was turned into postcards. Multiple schools and classrooms can meet this way.
It's all about communicating and sharing an online link.
Only show demonstrating adults with camera or get permissions.
Don't forget to record it to share the knowledge year after year.
(online room like blackboard elluminate or adobe connect) and without making the artist drive. Lowers cost for everyone so you can pay your artist! It's also easy to support the arts
by letting the artist share a link to their work for purchase. Visit an artist's studio without leaving the classroom Ready made lesson plans for many art concepts cross-curricular by design Meets national and state standards Rubrics for each lesson by grade level

Teaching guides already written Sorry, you'll need an account to view this
Math in Art module, but we'll show it at
the conference. There is also a $5 trial
below to explore the full program for a week. Click the demo tab at the very top of our website to try a partial module:..... http://www.madcaplogic.com 1st and foremost, an education tool - that just happens to use great animation. Winning from the beginning! Keep an eye out
for "Start with Art", the first in a series of learning apps
from Creativity Express. http://creativity-ftp.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/Public-do%20not%20modify/MadcapLogic_white%20paper%20summary.pdf Downtown LA-Close to Staples Center Los Angeles, CA Museum of Contemporary Art What do you see? Small Gallery filled with Color Fields virtual field trips
& educational games
Full transcript