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A Hero's Journey: Moana

No description

chloe k

on 2 April 2017

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Moana

A hero's Journey
Part One: Departure
Part Two: Initiation
Part Three: The Return
Unusual Childhood
When Moana was very young, she was chosen by the water to reunite the heart and the island goddess Te Fiti. After that she always had the urge to be as close to the water as possible and explore it's depths.
Call to adventure
Moana's island is stuck by disease, and all of their island's resources are diminishing. To fix this problem she wishes to go beyond the reef. However, she learns that simply going beyond the reef will not fix the problem, and that she must find Maui and convince him to restore the heart of Te Fiti. At first she resists because of her grandmothers poor health and because of the dangers, but eventually the need to save her people outweighs both of these concerns.
Crossing the Threshold
When Moana sails past the reef, she is crossing the threshold. This is the furthest anyone in several generations has gone. Because of her new found purpose, crossing the reef symbolizes leaving home and taking her first steps on her own on her journey.
Challenges and Trials
Supernatural Helper or Mentor
Talisman or Special Weapon
The Abyss or Temptation
During her Journey Moana faces several different challenges and obstacles.

Her Father- He refuses to let her past the reef and tries to 'drown' her sense of adventure.
Maui-After refusing to help her, he repeatedly attempts to dispose of Moana. After agreeing to help her, he gives up and leaves her to complete the task on her own.
Kakamora (the coconut pirates)- these small coconuts with legs steal the heart of Te Fiti and attempt to kill Maui and Moana. they are the first challenge the pair face together.
Challenges and Trials Continued...
The Realm of Monsters- Just like sounds, The Realm of Monsters is full of monsters who are more than willing to dine on any easy prey. Moana just so happens to be easy prey.
Tamatoa (The Giant Crab)- Tamatoa is holding Maui's hook captive, along with many other pretty treasures. The crab does not get along with Maui and tries to kill them both.
The Barrier Islands- These islands block a safe passage to Te Fiti and Provide Te Ka an easy passage to all sides of the island
Te Ka- This raging lava monster tries to kill Maui because he stole the heart and Moana because she has the heart
Moana's mentor is her grandmother, Tala, and her grandmother's spirit, a manta ray. Tala urges Moana to find Maui, and gives her the knowledge and courage Moana needs on her journey. Tala also gives Moana the heart and shows her that the water chose her.
Moana's 'weapon' is water. It guides h in the right direction, helps her when she is completely lost, gives Te Ka a path to Moana, and places her back on the boat when Maui repeatedly throws her off. And it saves her chicken Heihei from drowning a few times, too

Moana Gives the heart to raging Te Ka, who then transforms to the quiet and peaceful Te Fiti. This restores order and beauty to the oceans and islands again. After completing the task Moana realizes that she is smarter and stronger than anyone realizes, and that she is capable of more than she thought.
After Maui's hook is damaged and he gives up, Moana does too. She gives the heart back to the ocean because she does not think she is capable of completing the task on her own However, Tala's Spirit is able to convince her to complete the task, and Moana dives down to retrieve the heart.
Return Home
Moana takes the boat and supplies given to her as a gift from Te Fiti and sails home on a calm sea. Once she returns home she sees her family and friends already celebrating the better life on the island.
Mastery of the Two Worlds
After Moana becomes chief, her people become voyagers once again. They set sail to explore the oceans while maintaining a happy life on their island still. This step is shown when Moana places a shell on the stack of flat rocks instead of another flat rock. To me this symbolized that her people would no longer be staying still on the island (like a rock) but out in the ocean too (like a seashell).
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