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Glidden Paint

No description

Stephanie Woodcox

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden Paint

1 Stop Campaign Brought to you by:
Triple A Agency
-All About Ads Wal-Mart is your one stop shop for
Glidden paint. Campaign Run Dates: 1 Stop Magizine Ad: May 1, 2013
DIY Contest begins: June 1, 2013
Summer DIY Ads:June 1-July 31, 2013
DIY Contest ends: August 15, 2013
Winner Chosen: September 1, 2013
Room Painted: October 15, 2013 Media Strategy Facebook- 10%
Twitter- 25%
Magazine Ads- 40%
Billboards Ads- 25% 1 Stop Campaign 1 Brush 1 Gallon Wal Mart is your 1 Stop shop. Target Audience -Younger Generation Y
-Lower Income
-Summer Painters Magazine Ad June 1 Issue of: Summer DIY Projects Inspiration Contest Shoe Box Chervon Wall Art Using only the Glidden testers, what is the most creative project you have done? Write an 500 word essay telling us about your project.

you my only buy the testers from Wal-Mart
state why buying Glidden paint at Wal-Mart is beneficial
and how Glidden helped your creativity come to life Contest winners will win their choice of either:
Living Room, Dinner Room, or Bed Room makeover
Inspiration Contest dates: May 1- August 15, 2013
Contest winner will be chosen by September 1, 2013 Bird Feeder Market Research Lowes- 35%
Sherman- 23%
Other- 27%
Walmart-15% Point of Purchase Bird Houses
Easy Make Vases
Wooden Floor Mat
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