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Abhas Tandon

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of PrashikshakApps

Using our admin panel you can create login id for your students and professors.
Admin can assign multiple professors to students.
Both user and professors get a dedicated inbox.
Intuitive Facebook like inbox provides a communication channel between professors and students.
Both students and professors can attach images or files with the message.
Admin can create forms to collect data from users.
Admin can define questions for feedback and can collect feedback of various professors in the institute.
Admin can create groups of students using admin panel.
Admin can then send notifications to students added to these groups using the same admin panel.
Students can read all the related notifications in the app.
Notifications can be used to notify students about various examination forms etc.
We also provide 1000 free SMS credits that can be used for notification service.
Key Features
Chapter practice problems
Mock Tests
Study material
Direct messaging
Feedback system
Survey forms
Group messaging
SMS Gateway integration
Very easy to use admin panel to manage the application.
Change the content of app with just a few clicks.
All the changes are reflected in the app immediately.
Upload chapter-wise multiple choice questions or chapter practice problems.
Bulk import questions from excel sheet.
Students can log in and access these chapter practice problems any number of time.
Upload mock quizzes or define a logic to auto generate mock quiz from chapter practice problems. (Eg. chapter-wise no. of questions that are to be included in the mock quiz)
Analyze score of students in these mock quizzes.
Upload study material as PDF. The study material can be classified into categories and sub categories. Get 200 MB of free cloud storage for uploading the study material.
We use proper authentication algorithms to insure the security of your study material.
Pay per service
Reasonable cost
Reliable Service
100% Secure
Empower education using cloud
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