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Introduction into Enders Game

No description

megha raj

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Introduction into Enders Game

Orson Scott Card
American Sci-Fi writer

Wrote "Ender's Game" in 1985

Presents the basic theme of his novel to be "communitarian"-which is the idea of people living together in a community as a whole.
What is Science Fiction?
Genre of literature, films, or television that expands on the current trend in technology and science, moving it into the future exploring social, political, and philosophical issues.

Sci-Fi often tell the reader and give insight to the reader about what will become of humanity in the future.

Sci-Fi warns that science can be used as a tool of oppression, violation, and destruction.


Generally takes place in the future, space, different planet, or in a different dimension.
Makes predictions about life, society, and/or the future.
May deal with aliens or life from another world or dimension.
Based of scientific principals or technology.

What is Sci-Fi?
Watch the following clips and identify the similarities between them and then list the characterisitics of Sci-Fi based on the clips.
Specifically categorized as Military Sci-Fi.

About Andrew Wiggin, a child who thinks he is playing a computer war game.

Takes place on Earth, well into in the future.

Novel came from a short story by the same name written in 1977.

Deals with a vareity of themes: Games, humanity, relationship between adults and children, children in wars, among others.

The Genre of Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card, and "Ender's Game"
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