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ESTILO: a story of determination

No description

Liney Malaver

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of ESTILO: a story of determination

ESTILO: a story of determination
How was the idea of estilo born?
He quit his job and devoted all his effort and ability to seek the representation.
First moments
In October 1980 ESTILO INGENIERÍA LTDA. was established.

Contact and negotiations with GoldStar started taking place.

Korea Trade Center
Taekwondo teacher
1982-1986: 10 units sold

1984: The Presidency of the Republic decided to close imports and elevators that were already sold could not be brought.

1987: 47 units sold, business takeoff, thanks to the excellent after sales service. Entry to 7 cities in Colombia.

1988: Elevator # 100

1989: 2nd and 3rd phases of the WTC, Bogota
early 90's
1990: International Exhibition of Bogota: Torre Diamante

1992: At our cost, the 1st elevator was sold, installed and running in Panama. However, GS directives decided to manage this market with other distributor.

1993: Second Fair of Construction and Design in Bogota. First place among more than 400 exhibitors.

1st elevators sold, installed and running in Chile's World Trade Center.

1994: 1st elevators sold in Guatemala.

GoldStar changed its name and corporate image to LG. They also present a proposal for direct participation in the Colombian market.
Jairo Malaver began his career in elevators at Mitsubishi (six years in the sales and technical departments)

During the proposal for a public tender, he learned of the existence of GoldStar, a brand from South Korea.
Persistence & Determination
1993, 1994 & 1995
Growing rhythm of construction and consolidation of the company in the domestic market =
222 (1993)
283 (1994)
158 (June 1995)

1995: Joint venture - Lgiscol S.A.
late 90's
1996: Operations focused on consolidating ESTILO as a leader in the Service Business in Colombia.

1997: ESTILO'S R&D department looking for new products.

Direct and personalized attention to more than 1,100 units and 700 customers in 14 different cities.
Change of the corporate image

The elevator brand name ESTILO is released

Subsidiary ESTILO INGENIERIA CORP. is opened in Panama City

12 ESTILO elevators are sold

2000: 27 units sold

We participated in the International Construction Fair in Panama EXPOHABITAT CAPAC.

In October 2001, the subsidiary ESTILO INGENIERIA CO. S.A. was opened in Costa Rica

2003: The business relationship with Ningbo Xinda Group for China was formalized as an strategic alliance: ESTILO-Hosting

In 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 respectively business relations were formalized with companies from Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala and Peru as authorized representatives of ESTILO.
Ingeniería en Transporte Vertical
Materiales, Servicios y Construcción S.A.
Ecotech Ascensores SAC

2012: 605 units sold, breaking the record

The kone way cOMES TO ESTILO
KONE proposes ESTILO to distribute their products as part of their strategy to reentry the Latin American market

In January 22 2013, KONE and ESTILO sign the distribution agreement for Colombia

Soon after ESTILO is awarded the modernization of 16 elevators at Av. Chile, with KONE technology.
current year
In August 29 2014, KONE and ESTILO sign the distribution agreement for Panama.

Oct: A delegation from ESTILO travels to Mexico to visit the Major Project Pabellon M in Monterrey.

Nov: ESTILO receives the visit from KONE's Global MP Team, led by the Head of Major Projects Business and Senior Vice President and the Director of the MP Unit for Americas.
To serve in the vertical mobility of people

By 2021 be the leader in sales (#1) in the markets where we operate directly

1998: Decision to conclude product development and initiate a marketing plan. Parts from international suppliers.

Based on KONE's MonoSpace® innovation, ESTILO developed the UNISPACE®, being the first company in America to install such elevator.

The modernization service was determined as well as the aesthetic renovation for elevator cabs.
Late 90's
ESTILO'S managerial potential is based on its solid experience as a company specialized in all issues related to vertical transport engineering and its proven ability to represent and promote a brand, whether foreign or domestic.

Our customers recognize the quality and the excellent service we provide. In fact, we are considered one of the best companies in Colombia in the Service Business area, and the most important as an independent organization.
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