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Before I'm 80

No description


on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Before I'm 80

Before I'm 80
By Voyin Nesic
Grade 8 Block G
I want to travel
the world
I want to write a
bestselling novel

Some of My
Favourite Novels
I want to go to a FIFA World Cup
The FIFA World Cup is the most important event soccer. It takes place every four years, and 32 countries participate.
Soccer is my favourite sport, and it would be amazing to attend a huge tournament with all my favourite players and teams.
My favourite team
My favourite player
I'm a really big Middle
Earth fan, so if I had the money, I would make a
Middle Earth themed
amusement park.
The rides would reflect the plot, setting, and characters of the story. Going through the amusement park, you would feel like you were going on the same journey that the Fellowship of the Ring took across Middle Earth.
I want to be an architect, and design a bridge. Architecture has always been interesting to me, especially bridge building.
Bridges are really interesting
because each one is unique and there are so many different types and styles.
North and
Central America
Australia and Oceania
I love reading, and my favourite genre is fantasy. The books that I have read have inspired me to attempt to write a novel in the future.
The End
Wazup homeslice?
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