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No description

Hannah Fulks

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Uglies

Scott Westerfeld Uglies Example of Good Writing In a world where the United States falls, a
new civilization grows. This civilization is built upon looks, and how attractive you are. When someone turns 16, they are turned pretty, or in other words, cosmetically enhanced through surgery. The main character, Tally, is very excited to turn pretty on her 16th birthday, but when she meets her new best friend Shay, who is totally against the procedure, her world is turned around. Shay then runs away to "Smoke", a city where people flee when they don't want the procedure. When Shay runs away to escape her "pretty" fate, Tally has to decide whether to betray her friend to become pretty, or stay ugly for life. Uglies Summary Tally Simile: "Like walking poison, she killed everything." (244)

Imagery: "The screen's camera flickered with laser light, and a green grid sprang up on Shay's face, a field of tiny squares imposed across the shape of her cheek-bones, nose, lips, and forehead." (41)

Personification: "She focused on and the nausea eating away at her stomach." (79)

Alliteration: 'Shay shrugged." (408)

Theme: The theme of Uglies is that beauty cannot and will not fix everything. You should always be true to yourself, and never follow others blindly. Things that seem perfect never are, and that "the grass is always greener on the other side."

5 Literary Devices "A few blank windows stared down on them in silence from the husks of the giant buildings. Any glass had long since shattered, any wood had rotted, and nothing remained but metal frame, mortar, and stone crumbling in the grip of the invading vegetation. Looking down at the black, empty doorways, Tally's skin crawled with the thought of descending to peer into one." (61)
By: Scott Westerfeld Hannah Fulks Main Characters Uglies Tally Youngblood is the main character of Uglies. Tally is an "ugly" who is very concerned with her appearance. Tally, because she can't bear to be ugly, she has to decide between betraying her best friend by telling where she went, or stay ugly forever. She can't make decisions easily, and her inability to do so eventually turns her world upside down and destroys her life. David David is Tally's boyfriend that she meets while living in the Smoke (the town that Uglies go to live who don't want to be turned pretty). He is an innocent boy, and he was Shay's boyfriend at first, until Tally decided that he was hers. Peris Peris was Tally's best friend before he turned pretty. Peris looks down on everything that is not pretty. Before he was turned pretty, he used to be a dare-devil and a happy-go-lucky person, but after the surgery he became indifferent to everything that wasn't at his "social status". Shay Shay is Tally's best friend, and they meet when they are the last two 15 year olds waiting till their birthdays to become pretty. Shay sneaks off to the Smoke, and Tally is faced with the decision of following her or not. Shay is very rebellious, and walks to the beat of her own drummer. Dr. Cable Dr.Cable is the head, or leader of "Special Circumstances". Special Circumstances is a department in the city that deals with cases that could be detrimental to society. Dr. Cable is harsh, and very direct. Tally Tally Youngblood is a very superficial, close-minded, and selfish girl. Tally is superficial because she can't think about things that aren't pretty, she thinks that things that aren't pretty either have no purpose or even if they do have something to say, it isn't important enough. Tally is close-minded because she can't think about anything that's outside of her city. She thinks that anything that exists beyond her city is barbaric, and couldn't ever amount to what she is used to in her city. Tally is selfish because she constantly thinks about what is good for her, and what is in her best interest, rather than what is best for anyone else. Tally is willing to betray a promise to benefit herself. This is an example of good writing because this paragraph describes things in such a way that you could probably imagine just what the writer is trying to convey in their scenery. This paragraph is a perfect example of well done imagery. Recommendation: I would recommend this book. Uglies
is an amazing book, with a story line that makes you think about different things in different ways. Uglies is the
first book to a series of 4 books. This series really makes you think about
if looks are really all that matters.
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