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Ethnic Conflicts Brief in Iraq

This is a project for my class. This is based on the conflicts in Iraq between the Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis. Thank you

Gracie Carpenter

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ethnic Conflicts Brief in Iraq

Xitlali Salas,Madeleine Lohman, Gracie Carpenter, Ethnic Conflicts Brief:
Iraq Background Info Spatial Extent Possible Solutions The Sunnis and Shiites have religious differences and the Kurds, though Islamic, have different cultural traits and practices than the rest of the country. In 632, when Muhammad, the Muslim prophet, died, a disagreement as to who would be spiritual leader of the religion broke out, the Shiites believing the bloodline should determine the caliph, or spiritual leader in the Islamic religion, and the Sunnis believing that able men elected by Shura should be the ones to lead. Oil found in the largely autonomous region remains a trouble as the Kurds feel it’s theirs and the rest of Iraq wants to share that wealth with the rest of the country, rather than the small State. Conflicting Events In 632, after Muhammad's death, tension grew between the groups. On the Monday, a bombing in Baghdad (a city in central Iraq) had killed 29 people. Following the next day, another bombing went off in a Shiite neighborhood that had killed 11 people and injured 45 others.
In 1988, Saddam Hussein had began a genocide towards the Kurdish people. Soldiers and chemical bombings had killed to more than 5,000 people.
United States had taken involvement in 2003. This how ever made attacks seem to happen more often to everyone.
The idea and talk of a civil war occurring in Iraq has become more often. Car bombing recently happened on November 27th, and two roadside bombs killing 2 people and injuring 4 on December 17th of only this year. The main area of conflict is within Iraq between the groups, but Arab is involved with the Kurds.
Kurds and Arabs issue can be spread through out Turkey and area of Kurdistan. The individual problems of Arab can go through out the Middle East though.
The mountainous region of Kurdistan helps make the separate culture of the Kurds. This infuences southern Iraq due to their resources.

Some possible solutions as to stopping most of the violence is mostly education. By educating the young of Iraq, cultural understanding and diversity are a part of the knowledge instilled into the future of Iraq from a young age. By encouraging the young people to view the world differently than their ancestors and start thinking globally and more tolerantly.

Consequences Global, Regional, and Local Reach We hoped you had
enjoyed it and learned about the
Ethnic Conflicts. Thank you
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