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YOU are probably asking yourself what you

No description

Doesn't Matter

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of YOU are probably asking yourself what you

YOU are probably asking yourself what you
are doing here.
That is indeed a good question.
Obviously, this is a presentation.
But...what is it about?
I'm here to present you the one and only.......
I know, I know. This is awesome.
Let's start with some basics, because some
poor souls never met the awesomeness in
person and have to be filled in
Name: Ayah Aburgahif
Birthday: 4th May 1998
She is currently 15 years old
Come on guys...take this chance
Relationship status: Single
Family: - mother (can be really cool)
- father (is a doctor)
- 3 sisters
- is originally from Iraq
Education: - currently visits the 10th grade
- goes in the same class as me ^.^
- is especially good at science

actuallly can do anything
Her love for K-Pop (Korean Pop...which actually...is just Korean...not...Pop)
- she surely has a lot of bands
- few of her favourites are: - B.A.P.
- she has a blog about them, but I'll tell you more
about that later
As promised, I present you....CROOKEDBBLOG
- a multifandom blog about K-Pop
- absolutely gorgeous and kind of badass
- http://crookedbblog.tumblr.com/ *hint*
- her edits are perfect
- sadly, they are underappreciated
Well, that should be about it.
Of course you have to meet her to experience
her awesomeness.
Here is a last impression for you
my aegyo queen
so talented ^.^
Just had to be in there because PERFECT
I love you ^^
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