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A Cap for Steve

No description

Jacinda Caldwell

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of A Cap for Steve

A Cap For Steve

Jacinda Caldwell

Gillian Demofonte
The story takes place in the summer. It is during baseball season. The year is somewhere between 1929 and 1941, the Great Depression.
Since the story takes place during baseball season, that introduces Steve's passion for baseball. In addition, it also shows that the Diamond's are very poor, and can't afford new cloths, and food. The Diamond's are struggling with earning enough money.
The story takes place in an old, well lived in home, in a very poor neighborhood. Since it's a small neighborhood, news travels fast, and its a big deal to baseball fans when their team comes to play. That also plays a role in helping introduce Steve's passion for baseball.
They have very little money like most people during the Great Depression. They can barley afford to buy new clothes or food.

The story impacts the main character because, it makes Dave very grateful for what he does have. It also makes him have to work hard to provide for his family. This means that he worries a lot, so he rarely enjoys the little things.
They also most likely can't afford to buy a television set, or a radio to listen to the baseball game.
Strike One:
The first conflict is between Dave and Society. Dave is a very poor man, so he can't afford to buy any nice things. He is very strapped for cash right now, and since it's during the Great Depression, money is tight and hard to get without hard work. For example, when Dave's son Steve goes to play baseball after school. That makes Dave very upset that his son would rather play games instead of going out and getting a job to help provide for his family.
This conflict helps to develop a struggle because, it shows that Dave is so worried about not having enough money to provide for his family. So instead of allowing his son to be able to enjoy his childhood, his almost taking it away from his. He is constantly putting pressure on his son to help make money for the family. This helps lead the plot into the next conflict, Steve versus Dave.
Strike Two:
The next conflict was between Dave and Steve. All Steve wants to do is go, play baseball, and watch professionals play it as well. When they actually get to go to watch a game, Dave is so angry that he had to "waste" money on something as silly as a baseball game instead of using it on something useful like food and new clothes.
For example, when Dave and Steve were sitting and watching the baseball game. Dave kept getting annoyed with Steve. Steve would say the stats of all the players, like a speaking baseball card. In addition to irritation him when they were at their seats. Steve also irritated Dave when Eddie Condon dropped his hat and Steve got it and wouldn't give it back.

This conflict helps to create a new problem because it shows Dave doesn't realize the importance of the hat to his son. That it holds memories of not only going to a baseball game, but spending time with his father. It helps move the story into the next conflict, which is Steve versus internal emotion's like loss and sadness.
Strike Three:
The third and final conflict is between Steve and himself, mostly the emotion of sadness and loss. The conflict first starts off with Steve never taking off his hat. He would wear it to dinner, to school, to bed, during baseball practice, pretty much everywhere he went. As the story goes on Steve ends up losing his hat. He then becomes very depressed when he realizes that he has lost his most prized possession, and all the happy memories that came along with it.
For example, when Steve was playing baseball with the cap in his pocket, it fell out and was lost forever, or so he thought. Everyday from when he first lost his hat he has spent countless hours looking for his hat, hoping that it will turn up somewhere. His father is very aggravated by how much his son cares for some stupid hat. He doesn't see the importance of the hat, and thinks that his son could be spending his time more wisely.
This conflict helps to intensify how bad Steve and Dave's relationship is getting. In addition to showing how they both have very different ways of thinking, it also shows how Dave is to busy worrying about how he is going to provide for his family that he is forgetting that his son is still very young. He should be spending every moment with him, and helping his look for his hat, instead of scolding his for not helping pay the bills.
The Climax:
The climax of the story is when

Steve sees the Hudson boy walk out of the store with the hat that Eddie Codon gave him.

The first conflict of Dave versus Society, reaches its turning point because, Dave is so strapped for cash right now. He can't afford to buy things, and when the opportunity to earn twenty dollars presents its self to him he can't pass up the opportunity. His only problem is if Steve will go along with it, or if he will keep his hat instead of taking the money.
Conflict two, which was the conflict between Dave and his son Steve, reaches its turning point because they have been fighting and disapproving of each other's actions for so long. Now thought, he is finally relying on his son to make him proud, and actually earn money for his family.

Conflict three, the internal conflict between Steve and his emotions. This conflict reaches a turning point when Steve is at his all time low. He feels that there is no way that they are ever going to find his prized hat, but out of sheer luck, they find it. He is so over joyed, he is never going to let the hat out of his sight again. Then again, he also has to decide if $20.00, which can buy plenty of memories, is worth that one memory of visiting the ball park with his father.
Falling Action:
The falling action of the story is when Dave and Steve are walking home from the Hudson's house. They have just traded Eddie Condon's hat for $20.00. While Dave is very enthusiastic about making money off a hat that he believed to be worthless, Steve is having second thoughts about it. As they are walking home, Steve says some very hurtful things to his father. Then as he is running home to his mother, Dave makes the mistake of running after him, which just fuels his sons fear of his father even more.
The Resolution:
The resolution of the story is when Dave finally sees that he has been worrying about money, and that he has forgotten the most important thing, his sons childhood.
He has been bombarding his son with adult responsibilities, like working, and providing for the family, when he should have been out there helping him with baseball. In end he finally realizes his mistakes, and he starts to support his sons passion for baseball by offering to help him practice and to be his coach.
The End!:D
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