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Mike Graham

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of JOHNNY S

INDUSTRY EDUCATION then now 1.Teachers are
assigned to teach
only one grade level. 2.Students are
disciplined in many ways,however,hitting
a student is no longer
a form punishment. 3. Today,all kids
required to go
to school. 1. Most Ohio
who produced
a surplus of food. now then Agriculture now 1.Prior to the 1800s,
most people who
called Ohio home
earned their living
through farming. then 1.Teachers taught
all grade levels 2. Students are
by getting
smacked by a ruler
or sat on a stool
with a dunce cap on. 3. It was not a
requirement go
to school 1. The first freely
was invented in
by Konrad Zuse. 2. The first commercial
computer and able to
pick presidential winners,
in 1951 by John Presper
Eckert, and John W. Mauchly. 3. The first consumer
computers, in
1974/1975 by Scelbi
and Mark-8 Altair and IBM. 1. Apple computers
released the Iphone
in June 2007. 2. The next phone
was brought out in
July 2008. 3. Apple INC. started
on the IPad on23rd
of April 2008. Was
released on January 27,2010. 2. They had to
do all of the
plowing and
planting by hand. 3. They had an
average of 100
acres of farming land. 2. Farmers use
tractors to plow
and harvest their crops. 3. Farmers use
today's technology
to better help their crops.
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