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No description

Natalie N

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Poetry

By: Natalie Nartz My Poetry Presentation What is Poetry? CREDITS: Poetry is a literature in verse, it usually contains lots of emotional detail and rhythm, and it means different things to different people. a poem with four lines or stanzas Quatrain a simple poem that has a five line pattern Word-count Cinquain theme: What kind was used? WWW.funny-poems-for-free.com Types Of Poetry: What was used? # of lines & stanzas: there four lines in one stanza in a quatrain and that is used in my poem rhyme pattern: simile: this poem used the simile, "like sandpaper skin" sound device (alliteration): smiling, shining, and setting all have the same beginning sounds personification: the author used the word "smiling" when he was describing the sun Concrete a poem written in the shape of it's subject What was used? My Hands
Denise Rodgers
edited by: Natalie Nartz

My hands are so rough,
just like sandpaper skin.
And that's why I have enough
of full hand cream bins. my poem used the "A, B , A, B" pattern Free Verse doesn't have to use rhymes and rhyme pattern;can be freely written What was used? Sun
big, bold
smiling, shining, setting
warm, cozy, joy, love
Me you can tell the poem has theme because it is all about the sun Nonsense a poem with a silly character and actions The Night is a Big Black Cat G. Orr Clark The night is a big black cat
the moon is her topaz eye,
the stars are the mice she hunts at night,
in the field of the sultry sky! imagery: because the poem paints a picture in your mind rhythm: because some of the syllables in the words are stressed and some are not metaphor: the cat is not really the night Something is There Lilian Moore Something is there
there on the stair
coming down
coming down
stepping with care.
coming down
coming down
Something is coming
and wants to get by. What was used? mood/tone: the narrator is scared rhyme type: the poem used a lot of end rhymes word play: "slinkity-sly" is not a word quatrain: the poem had four lines word-count cinquain: my poem follow the pattern, 1 word 2 words
3 words 4 words 1 word concrete: my poem was written in the shape of stairs which is the subject nonsense: it is a nonsense poem because it has a funny story line imagery: you can imagine the clocks ticking sound device: the poet used the onomatopoeia, "CLICK" simile: the poem used the phrase "like a mime" free verse: this poem was freely written Two Clocks unknown On my digital clock
each minute says
flipping in rhythm

On my round clock
(no sound clock)
two hands move
like mimes
revolving in circles to show different times

One seems to rush.
The other feels slow.
But I've learned
to read both
so I know
when to go. www.poetryfarm.com
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