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Adam McIntyre

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Cultures

Cultures Across The World American Culture American culture has been inspired by many different beliefs, ideas, values, and traditions. Many of these ideas and norms were brought to America by Eureopeans, especially British Eureopeans. American Culture has a lot of things to be proud of. We celebrate many national hoidays, professional sports, entertainment, art, and a strong military tradition Politically we live in a democracy which we have two party's the Liberal and the Conservative. We also have many subcultures that have evolved from immigrants. Including African Americans, Native-Americans, and Asian Americans. Members of these groups have achieved their American citizenship through a lot of tough battles in and outside of the court. America is a unique country in the sense that it has many members that have differnt languages, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Our country is very multi-cultural and racially mixed. America has no federal offical language but, more than half of states have declared english as the offical language. America has people of all religions but, for the most part America believes in the Christian beliefs. Americans are know for being the fattest country in the world, some common American foods that people recognize all over the world are: burger and fries, ceasar salad, fried American seafood, Thanksgiving food, and American style breakfast. Chinese Culture Chinese Culture is like Americas culture in many ways Chinese culture is consider to be one of the oldest and most complex cultures in the world. Chinese culture varies differenlty from place to place, city to city. China has 56 different ethnic groups that is recognizes but the most prodiminant is Han Chinese. Chinese culture believes that carring on the family name is very important and a lot of families want their child to be a boy. Each region of China has different subcultures that have developed over the years, some areas have many different cultures. China's cultures are ruled by a monarchy in which their is one ruler of the land. The government and military are ranked in their status of the hierarchy. The population follows the Chinese law. There is little politcal freedom compared to the United States. Chinese education is very important, Ancient Chinese eduation has had a very long history and continues. Chinese religon is mostly focused around Confucianism and Taoism. However their are cultures that believe in Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism. Some Chinese cultures also believe in Reincarnation or Re-birth. China has followed different languages including Old Chinese and Middle Chinese. Many different dialects and languages have been followed. Many of the citizens follow the Vernacular Chinese that allows citizens to read the language based on the spoken language. Chinese Culture express their culture through art, martial arts, and music. Chinese Culture has many foods that are recognized as being Chinese. There are many restuarants in the United States that model the food that they each in China. Some Chinese foods include, rich, beans, pasta, chicken, egg rolls, and fortune cookies. In general, we can see that these two cultures are very differnt but also have some similarities. Culture is very important to all of us and we should all try to learn about other people's cultures because we can get a better understand of where people are coming from and learn from each other.
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