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Engaging Online Classes

No description

Peggy Lawson

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Engaging Online Classes

Creating Engaging Online Classes Challenges Getting Started
on Day 1 Engaging?
What is that?? Some Best Practices Content Delivery Engaging Activities Interaction in the beginning . . . Peggy Lawson South east cornerstone school division . . . so start simply Challenges student skills
In-school & home support Bandwidth . . . so start with baby steps Teacher = course developer Time! Authentic student engagement with . . . Mark Stoner the eLearning environment Real world importance "We often feel we must carry the entire responsibility for students' learning-a kind of "Atlas Complex." We do have responsibility to teach but we do a disservice to students when we try to "do the learning," too. Our task is to create opportunities for students to learn and create conditions that require "engagement" not just attendance." the instructor Aligns with student interests Engaging?
What is that? other students Choice Course content Digital distribution & submission of assignments in the beginning . . . Communication via email Links to online resources Post syllabus & calendar online Course notes online -
download & print Online quizzes & tests Print or online textbooks Getting Started
on Day 1 Some Best Practices Content Delivery Interaction Engaging Activities Introduce yourself Student Introductions create an avatar Video tour of our online classroom flip video camera Feedback frequent timely detailed & effective audio screencast Word comments Online Office Hours synchronous meetings
with students chat skype Adobe Connect lag time learning styles jing, Camtasia Start a discussion texting Wikis blogs discussion boards graded discussions discussion rubrics guidelines at least 2 postings per week -
first due Wednesday must reply to at
least 2 other posts open ended questions video starter for discussions teach to different personal learning styles Video screencasts Audio podcasts Text downloads Video lesson starters Convert PowerPoint to webpages Concept maps Avatar topic intros Simulations
PowerPoint with audio Voicethread Create Publish podcasts Virtual field trips Self-check quizzes Google maps Collaborate Google docs create surveys with
Google forms online crossword puzzles,
word search, . . . hot potato Softchalk Photo Story Animoto see who is contributing peer review Slide share webquests osmosis http://www.wisc-online.com/objects/ViewObject.aspx?ID=AP11003 http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072495855/student_view0/chapter2/animation__phagocytosis.html phagoctosis http://www.screencast.com/users/Accounting_20/folders/Default/media/3110c29d-08f3-4ee4-b139-38da8faae73e Chart of Accounts Graphing quadratics http://breeze.cornerstonesd.ca/p35159385/ Wordles http://staff.argyll.epsb.ca/jreed/math20p/quadraticFunctions/quadraticFormula.htm http://www.seed.slb.com/labcontent.aspx?id=31592 Build a solar cooker evolving http://bb.cornerstonesd.ca/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fblackboard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_1075_1%26url%3D visual learners auditory active learning are they ready for online learning? do they have the right attitudes?? Synchronous? Asynchronous? http://bb.cornerstonesd.ca/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fblackboard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_1075_1%26url%3D Taking it to
the next level . .. Social networks Virtual lives ning expectations socialization Problem-based learning l e-tivities 1 2 Stage 1 - Access & Motivation - New online learner can be experiencing considerable frustration in logging on. The e-moderator must play a role for ensuring access and welcoming and encouraging. The essential element is motivation to get online participants through the early stages. E-tivities at this stage must provide rookie online learners with a gentle introduction to using the new online learning milieu. However, at the beginning, high-esteem online learners need support sometimes.

Stage 2 – Socialization - The e-moderator by creating his/her own special online community through e-tivities must build the bridges for all online participants. Online participants can be excited to share and exchange their thoughts and collaborate with.

Stage 3 - Information Exchange – In this stage, not only must information be exchanged, but also cooperative tasks must be achieved. Online learners must explore necessary information at their own pace and place by respecting different and diverse views points of others. Dr. Salmon states that online learners in this stage interact with the course content and interaction with the e-moderators and/or other people.

Stage 4 - Knowledge Construction - E-tivities at this stage have online discussion or knowledge development aspects. Online learners must take control of their own knowledge construction in use of new ways. At this stage, e-moderators have imperative roles to build and maintain online groups.

Stage 5 – Development – Online learners in this stage must become critical and self-reflective as well as responsible for their own learning to be able to build on the ideas acquired through the e-tivities and apply them to their individual contexts. They also become.

Salmon (2002) Participation http://www.atimod.com/e-tivities/5stage.shtml e-tivites mobile technologies http://bb.cornerstonesd.ca/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fblackboard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_1075_1%26url%3D Meaningful Salmon's e-tivities 3 (usually text based) Salmon's interactivity & applets Peggy Lawson
Instructional technology consultant
South East Cornerstone School Division
Saskatchewan iT Summit
May 2010 Creating Engaging Online Courses
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