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Steven Universe

This presentation has Everything about the best show in the world: Steven Universe

Carl Powers

on 15 January 2017

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Transcript of Steven Universe

Steven Universe
Steven universe is an awesome show created by Rebecca Sugar.
Steven Universe is the story of a boy who has magic powers and uses them to fight evil.
There are multiple Characters in Steven Universe, Gems and Humans.
Crystal Gems
The Crystal Gems are a group of gems that fought a war for Earth, and won, and now thanks to them, Earth is safe.
Steven Universe
As the newest and youngest Crystal Gem, he wasn't around to witness the War, Steven has only unlocked a small portion of his powers, but he can summon his weapon (shield), a protective bubble, and he has spit with healing powers. Steven's mom, Rose Quartz, loved a human, then gave up her form to give birth to Steven, Steven is half-human half-gem. Steven's gem is where his bellybutton should be.
Ruby is a gem with heat control. Ruby's weapon is a gauntlet. Ruby loves Sapphire and prefers to stay fused with her. Ruby's gem is on her left hand.
Sapphire is a gem with cold control. She also has future vision. Sapphire loves Ruby and prefers to stay fused with her. Sapphire's gem is on her right hand. Sapphire's weapon is TBA.
Amethyst is a carefree gem. Her gem is on her chest, and her weapon is a whip. Amethyst was born on earth in the Kindergarten.
Pearl is a Gem who is neat and orderly. Pearl's gem is on her forehead. Pearl's weapon is a spear. She had a close relation ship with the former leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz.
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the former leader of the Crystal Gems. She fell in love with a human, and gave up her form to give birth to Steven. Rose's gem is where her bellybutton should be. Her weapon is a shield. Rose also has healing tears
Homeworld Gems.
The Homeworld gems come from Homeworld, most of them are evil.
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli is a gem that was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years, She finally escaped the mirror, then flew back to Homeworld. She was then captured by Jasper. Lapis' gem is on her back. Her weapon is Hydrokenises.
I couldn't find a normal version of her gem.
Peridot is a green gem who seems robotic. Peridot uses limb enhancers to help her fight, flee, and move. Peridot's gem is on her forehead. Nobody knows her weapon. Peridot was a homeworld gem, but she became a Crystal Gem in Message Received
Jasper is a very strong gem, She looks down upon fusion. She seems to be a very high rank in Yellow Diamond's armies. Her gem is where her nose should be. Her weapon is a Helmet.
Yellow Diamond
Yellow diamond is a leader of Homeworld. She is tall and powerful. Her gem is on her chest. Not much is known about her
Citizens of Beach City
Beach City is where Steven and the crystal Gems live. Plenty of humans live here too.
The Frymans
The Frymans are one family in Beach City. They run the local fry shop. The family consists of Mr.Fryman, Ronaldo, and Peedee. A mother figure has not been introduced yet.
Mr.Fryman is the father of the Frymans, he also owns the Fryman fry shop.
Ronaldo Fryman
There are two brothers in the Fryman family. Ronado is the older one. Ronaldo has a blog, it's called Keep Beach City Weird. On the Blog, He posts things about weird things that happen in Beach City.
Peedee Fryman
Peedee Fryman is the younger brother of Ronaldo. He sometimes works at the fry shop.
Onion's Family
Onion's family doesn't have a known surname. I called it Onion's family because Onion is the main character in the family.
Onion's mom, Vidalia, had a child with Marty, Marty then left and Vidalia married Yellowtail and had another child.
Marty is the father of Sour Cream, but not of Onion. judjing by Marty's personality, he probably wasn't married to Vidalia when Vidalia had Sour Cream.
Vidalia is Sour Cream and Onion's mother. Vidalia was best friends with Amethyst when they were young.
Yellowtail is Vidala's current husband and father of Onion. He seems to speak gibberish and not English. He also is a sailor and is away from home for a while at a time.
Sour Cream
Sour Cream is the son of Marty and Vidalia, he is also the half-brother of Onion. Sour Cream wants to be a DJ when he grows up.
Onion is the son of Vidalia and Yellowtail and he half-brother of Sour Cream. Onion, like his father, talks gibberish. Onion seems to have weird powers, but I'm not so sure.
Sadie's family.
Like Onion's family, Sadie's family has no known surname. The family consists of Sadie and Sadie's mom. There is no known father figure.
Sadie is the daughter of her mom. Sadie also works at the Big Donut.
Sadie's mom
Sadie's mom is the mother of Sadie. She works as a mailman in Beach City.
The Pizzas
The pizzas are a family in Beach City that own the shop Fish Stew Pizza. The family consists of Jenny, Nanafua, Kofi, and Kiki. There is no known mother figure.
Kofi pizza is the father of Jenny, and Kiki. He is the Owner of Fish Stew Pizza.
Jenny is the Daughter of Kofi, and the sister of Kiki. She works at Fish Stew Pizza.
Kiki Pizza is the daughter of Kofi and the sister of Jenny. She works at Fish Stew Pizza.
Nanafua is an old member of the Pizza family. Her relation to the younger pizzas is unknown. She works at Fish Stew Pizza.
The Deweys
The Deweys are a family that live in Beach City. The family consists of Bill, and Buck. There is no known mother figure.
Bill Dewey
Bill Dewey or Mayor Dewey is the Mayor of Beach City. He is the father of Buck.
Buck Dewey
Buck Dewey is the son of Bill Dewey.
The Maheswarans
The Maheswaran family is a family tha consists of Connie, Mr. Maheswaran, and Ms. Maheswaran. The Maheswaran family is the only known full family in Beach City.
Mrs. Maheswaran
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