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The Stench of Brimstone

Break down of Jonathan Edwards 1741's sermon "Sinners in the Hands of Angry God" upon Enfield, Connecticut

Matthew Itliong

on 16 October 2010

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Transcript of The Stench of Brimstone

"Sinner in the Hands of an Angery God" As told by: Johnathan Edwards Synopsis Jonathan Edwards testimony to the public people introduces the power and omnipotent fury of god. Although edwars goal is to scorn the wiked, damned and the nutral men to thier condemtionof thier religous and spiritual path to hell. His up most goal of his wavering sermon is draw out people who are not of christs glory but aslo to induce the "saved" in apperahending the "damned" Vocabulary Appeased (v): Calm, Satisfy Abate (v): Reduce in amount or intensity Fain (adj): Archaic word meaning "happily" Forbearance (n): Tolorance or Restrant Iincensed (v) used as (adj): Angered; Enraged Constitution (n): Physical condition Contrivance (n): Sheme; Plan Omnipotent (adj): All-powerful Closets (n): Rooms for Prayer and Meditation Asunder (adv): Into Pieces Abhor (v): Scorns; Hates Ascribed (v): Regarded as coming from a certain cause Presented by: Matthew Itliong Literary Terms Parallelism- Use of the same gramatical form or structures to balance related ideas in a sentence Ex. "The devil is wating for them, hell is gaping for them, the flames gather and flash about them." Metaphor- comparason of two unlike things with out the use of "like" and "as" Ex. "People who they think they can escape hell on thier own have as little chance of a chance of doing so as a spider's web has of stopping a falling rock. Repetition- Unifying poperty of repeated words, sounds, syllables and other elements that appear in the work. Used to reinforce a message though rhythem.
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