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Gamma Rays

No description

Fayth K

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays
Used to cure cancer
Doctors use gamma rays for radiation during cancer treatment. In such cases, radiation therapy may be used alone or in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or both. Radiation is used to kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA.

Over time
EMR: Gamma Rays
Wavelength: smallest of all EMR -10^-12 meters
Discovered in 1900 by Paul Villard while studying radiation emitted from radium.
Benefits to society
Named "gamma rays" by Ernest Rutherford in 1903
Was discovered to be similar to X-rays around the mid 1910's
Used mostly for scientific research
Originally gamma rays were used to find scientific research in 1900, but over time scientists found that it can actually cure things like cancer and make explosives like bombs. It also sterilizes medical equipment and helps preserve foods.
Able to kill cancerous cells
Alter properties of semi-precious stones

By Courtney Bachtell and Gabby Kane
Cancer fighting Gamma-rays
First developed in 1949 by Lars Leksell
Proper name - Radiosurgery
The Leksell "Gamma Knife" was founded by Leksell and his son in 1972. The Gamma Knife is used in radiosurgery and contains multiple radioactive cobalt sources.

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In 1961, the first gamma- ray telescope was carried into orbit.
In 1972, the first gamma-ray satellite was launched.

Sterilization of medical equipment keeps everyone clean
Security purposes and food safety
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