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Tresemme Marketing Strategy

No description

Melissa Keen

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Tresemme Marketing Strategy

TRESemmé professional. affordable. The brand TRESemmé was established in 1947 by Godefroy Manufacturing in St Louis, Missouri. In 1968, Alberto Culver International Incorporated; a leading American manufacturer of hair and skincare products, purchased TRESemmé for the intention to distribute within salons only. Overtime, the product line became so popular, it was marketed in pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores worldwide. MARKET ENVIRONMENT BACKGROUND INFORMATION S W O T ANALYSIS THREATS OPPORTUNITIES WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS MARKETING STRATEGY Professional products at an affordable price
Used commonly by hair care professionals
Products are available in large bottles providing value for money
Convenient to purchase
Large captive target audience Limited range of products available for men
Size of bottles are commented to be intimidatingly large for individual use
Breadth and length of TRESemmé's product line is not as expansive as other competitors in the market
Minimal advertisements online, in magazines, on television and other promotional outlets advertising the brand
Opportunity to expand the product line and create a mens range
Sell mid-range sized shampoo and conditioner bottles rather than only 1L and travel sizes
Create more awareness of the brand through more advertisements
Promote TRESemmé through celebrity endorsements
Other competitors in the market creating more awareness through their advertising
Competitors with a greater product mix
Constant threat of new competitors
Advancement of scientific technology allowing competitors to promote their products as more efffective, or even environmentally friendly Analysing our competitors... It became evident through our online research that TRESemmé only ever releases television commercials from America. The celebrities and countless other women featured in the commercials are all American Our suggested marketing strategy to be employed by Alberto Culver International would be to create television commercials in Australia. In anaylsing the Australian consumer market, it is evident that the brands who are competing with TRESemmé are based in Australia. Subsequently, it would be effective to promote the brand alongside a relatable celebrity. QUANTITATIVE research has concluded the following key results from a sample of 80 individuals aged 18-60 QUALITATIVE research results obtained from a Focus Group has concluded... Majority of participants do not recall any television commercials promoting TRESemmé. Two women in their 30’s vividly remember the commercials. Majority of the female participants had seen magazine adverts and posters in their local hair salon advertsising TRESemmé in the past year. TRESemmé’s large bottle easily lasts up to a month within a household of 3-4 people due to its larger sized bottle. Overall positive feedback on the ability to purchase a salon quality product at an affordable price, with great convenience. Four key components considered in improving the marketing strategy for TRESemmé include Product Price Place Promotion Create a new, distinct line of mens haircare
Design medium-sized shampoo & conditioner bottles to meet the product mix of the competitors
Money-back guarantee if the consumer is not satisfied with the product
Including the 'Salon Standard' tag line in addition to 'professional. affordable' 'Salon standard' will replace the existing 'used by professionals'
Allow for products to be purchased on the official TRESemmé website salon standard. Maintain competitive prices for consumers. This is in keeping with the 'affordable' aspect of our brand
Promote online or instore discounts for consumers who view particular advertisements
Clearly list prices of products our website Create television commercials that are made in Australia
Engage in more frequent celebrity endorsement - establish a name for the brand
Build relationships with salons in Australia to promote the hair products
Include a complementary pump for consumers who buy the large shampoo and conditioner bottles Maintain the availability of the product in salons, pharmacies, department stores & supermarkets
Provide consumers with a convenient online method of purchasing products In summary, Alberto Culver International Corporated has been highly successful in promoting the brand TRESemmé. Subsequently its product line has maintained a strong position within the Australian consumer market.

Implementation of minor marketing strategical changes suggested from our research will only further provide a successful outlook for 'professional. affordable. salon standard. TRESemmé' Proudly Presented By: Charles Pallones Melissa Keen George Hatem Jessica Whitmore REFERENCE LIST

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Faird Ahmed
Wednesday, 1.00pm - 2.00pm
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