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Road to Confederation - Canada

Pre-Confederation - Events leading up to Confederation in Canada

Troy Ralph

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Road to Confederation - Canada

Changing British Attitudes
Trade: Britain no longer giving colonies special treatment – Repeal of the Corn Act 1843
Defence: British taxpayers don’t want to pay for the military defence of the colonies
American Threats
Manifest Destiny: U.S. believe they have the right to take over all of North America
Fenian Raids: Irish Americans attacking BNA
Problems with Trade: end of Reciprocity Agreement between the U.S. and BNA in 1865
Ontario 1867
Quebec 1867
New Brunswick 1867
Nova Scotia 1867
Manitoba 1870
Northwest Territories 1870
British Columbia 1871
Prince Edward Island 1873
Yukon Territory 1898
Alberta 1905
Saskatchewan 1905
Newfoundland and Labrador 1949
Nunavut 1999
Provinces and Territories and the year they joined Confederation:
In 1867, only four colonies joined Confederation:
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Two of the provinces – Ontario and Quebec – were formed when the United Province of Canada split into two
Who Joined?
Political Deadlock
government can’t agree on anything and therefore no laws can be passed
Need for the Railway
Colonies are not joined by railway (way to increase economic activities)
Individual colonies cannot afford railway extension
Desire for Westward Expansion
Available farmland dwindling in United Province of Canada
Each of the colonies had a number of difficulties. Joining together (confederation) was a way to work together to try solving the problems. Some of the problems (factors) faced by the colonies include:
In the 1860s, what we now know as Canada was comprised of British Crown Colonies and Rupert’s Land. The Canada of today looks very different from what it did in the 1860s.
British Crown Colonies:
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Canada East (United Province of Canada)
Canada West (United Province of Canada)
British Columbia
Historical Geography
It took 132 years to complete Confederation. Completion came with the creation of the newest territory, Nunavut, in 1999. Prior to that Newfoundland was the last province to join Confederation, in 1949. Not all provinces were created in 1867 when the British North America Act was written.
Delegates (political representatives) from various colonies met to discuss the possibility of joining together. There were three conferences in all.
Charlottetown Conference September 1864
Quebec Conference October 1864
London Conference Dec. 1866 – Jan. 1867
Journey to Confederation
Road to Confederation
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