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The Inuit

No description

Alyssa Seyfried

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of The Inuit

The Inuit
By the end of class, you should be able to identify ways the Inuit adapted to life in the cold Arctic climate.

The Inuit lived in northern Canada.

The Homes of the Inuit
The Inuit made their homes out of animal pelts and snow! They often lived in igloos.

The Survival of the Inuit
To survive, the Inuit had to hunt.

What have you learned today?
* Where did the Inuit live?
* What was the environment like?
* How did the Inuit hunt for food?
* What did the Inuit eat?
* What developments were made to make hunting easier?
* How did the Inuit use the animals they hunted, other than eating them?
Hunting in Water
The Inuit had to be very creative while hunting these large animals, especially because most of them lived in water.

Inuit Clothing
Inuit Culture
Inuit Throat Singing

This was very difficult. The animals in their region were:

The Inuit invented the Kayak, which they used to hunt in the ocean.

Inuit Games
Inuit Story Telling
The Raven and the Whale
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