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The 5 treasures on the Arizona treasure Hunt!

a remote land discovering treasures and pretty amazing facts on this journey

Sarah Clancy

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The 5 treasures on the Arizona treasure Hunt!

FACT 5!!!!
Arizona's city Phoenix is ranked 6th largest city in all of America!
It also has very famous cities other than that like Mesa, Chandler and Flagstaff
Lets Find!
Hello my name is Rohan Posanipally, today were on a treasure hunt! You might want to meet my sidekick or assistant Mr.Sumbrero Mouse!
Fact 1
Arizona has the Grand Canyon which is a world- wide thing to see.
It is 2 billion years old
It is really deep, long and wide
Fact 2
Fact 4
The 5 treasures on the Arizona treasure Hunt!
You must follow the path to find each fact and again what Mr.Rohan said be aware that historical facts will come out! Good Luck!
Mystery Fact!
Did you know that if you breed a tigress with a male lion you get a Liger! BIG!!!!
Zee first fact!
What are you doing here I on this treasure hunt first!
Arizona is the largest copper producer in the nation
It was also famous for silver other than copper
They put the copper star on the flag because it was the largest copper state in the nation
Zee second fact!
It's a mouse!!!!
Fact 3
Arizona shares some big landmarks with other states
Monument Valley is part of Arizona and Utah on the border line
Glen Canyon stretches all the way from Lees Ferry,Arizona to Orange Cliffs,Utah
Arizona has 5 professional sports teams
The Arizona Cardinals for NFL
The Phoenix Suns for NBA
The Arizona Diamondbacks for MLB
The Phoenix Coyotes NHL
And lastly the Mercury for WNBA
What is that thing?
Hello there
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