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Dead Words Funeral

No description

Christi Chisum

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Dead Words Funeral

Which paragraph sounds better?
Paragraph #2
Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth. Their attractive, brilliant colors catch interest immediately. They have wings of varying shapes and sizes, and some even appear to have "eyes" on them! Some butterflies are cleverly camouflaged with colors that assist them in blending with the plant life in their environments. The delicate physical structure of the butterfly (along with hair-like legs and antennae) adds to its gentle beauty. Some of these curious insects vary distinctly in size, with the largest-known wing span at four inches, and the smallest measured from wing tip to tip at one-half inch. Without these glorious, artful creations darting about in the world, our lives would indeed be much more drab and boring.
Dead Words drag your down....
By including exciting, VIVID words in your writing, you can capture the reader's attention as well as make your writing more exciting. If you are using brighter and more exciting words, you will work to improve your word choice!
What is a eulogy?
A speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died.
BASICALLY: A ‘eulogy’ means saying nice things about the person who has died, and to celebrate their life.
The root ’Eu’ means good.
There are two parts to a eulogy; writing and then delivering it, usually at the funeral.
Create your own eulogy
Pick the dead word you wish to write about.
Write a 4 lined 3 stanza eulogy poem to recognize the verbs “life.” (In other words, the way they have served in your writing.)

Eulogy Poem Example
Here lies the verb is
During your life, you got plenty of biz
Now it is time to put it to rest
Finding other verbs becomes the test.

When using you in my writing
You always got the job done.
But there comes a time
My writing needs a little more fun.

Not using "is" makes me unsteady
As I might accidentally use your again.
However be ready
To be crossed out by a red pen!
Which paragraph sounds better?
Paragraph #1
Butterflies are pretty creatures on earth. Their colors are interesting. They have wings that are different shapes and sizes, and some even appear to have "eyes" on them! Some butterflies have colors that help them hide. Their body structure is nice. Some of these insects are different sized. Butterflies are pretty things in our world.
Dead Words Funeral
Livening up your writing!

Dead Words Assignments
You will be required to do the following with your group:
1-Select a "dead word" from the cards.
2-Write a eulogy that is a 4 lined 3 stanza poem in honor of your chosen word.
3-You will create a tombstone for your word. Your tombstone needs to include the word, your poem, and four synonyms to take the place of your dead word.
3-You will read your poem to the class at our Dead Words Funeral.
4-We will lay the dead words to rest outside on the playground.
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