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Coca Cola Presentation

No description

sihui chua

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Coca Cola Presentation

Chua Sihui
Agenda 1. Self-Introduction
2. Case Study 1
3. Case Study 2
4. Future Outlook
5. Question & Answer Self-Introduction Outgoing Art Eusoff Hall Meticulous Marketing &
Management Coke-Addict Case Study 1 Three Brands
with Strong
Customer Traction Lifestyle Design & Innovation Ease & Simplicity Quality Youth & creativity Ranked 3rd on "TOP 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2010" ranked 59th on "TOP 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2010" Just do it! Novelty ideas Innovative technology Affordable Quality Premium Coffee Ambience Friendly Staff High-class Image It is everywhere! Ranked 85th on "TOP 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2010" Three Emerging Trends Case Study 1 Mobile Craze Eco-Totes Japanese Food Culture Mobile Craze Eco-Totes Go-green! Fashionable! Fun! Japanese Food Culture Recent sprout of Ramen Restaurants Everybody loves Jap Food! A daily accessory Work / Twitter /
Facebook / Games iphone has 300000 Apps Companies & Organisations are also tapping on this new trend Store Visit Case Study 1 Kiehl’s Boutique, Ion Orchard Positioning? High-end brand Quality products Natural Eco-friendly Luxurious Premium Target
Consumer? Adults Young
Adults Consumer Traffic
Driving Strategy? Intersection of aisles Spacious & Visible Storefront Empty spaces Eye-catching General interior Brightly-Lit Merchandising
Strategy? Segmented
Layout Products neatly organised on shelves Interactive Corner Clinical
Racks Top 10 Favourites Rack Cashier Counter at the centre of the store No-frills
packaging Simple &
Eco-friendly Suggestions
for Change? Detailed Information Display less products Make aisles more spacious Make the interior look
less cluttered Product catalogue Play soft music Juicee. Case Study 2 How did Juicee do? 38% 62% 91% Very bad! How??? Recommendations? Advertising / Promotions
Distribution Channels
Profit per bottle Advertising &
Promotions Cut down
costs Healthy-
drink Use of Social Media Marketing fights
SARS! Distribution
Channels For now... For later...
Do not do
anything! Vending machines Door-to-door Increase promotions
at supermarkets Profit per
bottle Improve
processes JIT
production Collaborate
with suppliers Increase profit per unit to $0.10 Effective
Commercial Case Study 2 Walk-in fridge commercial The Commercial Objectives of
Commercial To want to own a bottle of Heineken To think of Heineken when having fun To see Heineken as a lifestyle & a symbol of status Has it achieved its objectives? Yes! Sparked
human interest Shown off the product Very
Humourous Rows of fizzy ice cold beer
Relates to a lifestyle, compared to clothes/fashion Evokes feelings, excitement & desire Guys going crazy over beer
Memorable How to measure its effectiveness? all smiles tell a friend "It's all about how you feel." End
Results? Increase Value Equity Increase Brand Equity Increase Retention Equity Portrayed a desirable image Symbol of status YAY! Future Outlook? Open societies, Open minds
Consumers are becoming more demanding
Need to build on Brand image & equity
Sell a lifestyle, not a product
& Answer? Thank you! Tips on Building
Strong Customer Traction Make customers identify themselves with your brand
Create a superior & desirable image for your brand
The entire product offering matters
You need to be everywhere! *Leading to Increase in purchases & profits
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