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The Student Peace Prize

No description

Trine Olaussen

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Student Peace Prize

Walk of Peace Winner of 2013 Peace Prize Ceremony Laureates A peace prize from students to students. ANTERO BENDITO DA SILVA and ETSSC 1999 2003 Min Ko Naing and ABFSU ZINASU 2001 ACEU 2005 Charm Tong 2007 Elkouria "Rabab" Amidane 2009 2011 Duško Kostić Majid Tavakoli Keywords peace democracy human rights non-violence -Antero Benedito da Silva from East Timor
The first winner of
the Student Peace Prize
in 1999 “The attention we have been given
will inspire us and continue to give us international attention. At home it might be of a negative effect, and lead us into riots. But I’m not frightened. I have no enemies.” Keywords Iran green movement prison student leader bravery Extracts from Tavakoli's speech on the Iranian Student Day in 2009 "Let us talk about the ills of our society and what has brought us together today: enmity with democracy, hatred of freedom, abuse of human rights, suppression of worker activists and teachers, expulsion of university professors from universities, exile of thinkers, intense media censorship, suppression of minorities, closing down of newspapers and publications, turning national media into the government’s mouth-piece, acting cruelly to the women in the universities, filling prisons with free-thinkers, and torturing people in prisons (…)."

"Today, the most important mission of the student movement, along with all the beautiful ideals it has (freedom, democracy, human rights, justice, peace, the development and improvement of Iran, and the well-being and security of Iranians), is fighting despotism." We Are All Majid 15th of February www.studentpeaceprize.org
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