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Making an Online Room Reservation at Castleton

If you would like to schedule an event or book a room at Castleton, this presentation will show you how to use our new online system!

Katye Munger

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Making an Online Room Reservation at Castleton

Booking Space for an Event
When you reach the details page, think about ...
Making Changes
Need food for your event?
Make A Space
Less than 5 Business Days
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Prior Planning is Key
As Early as Possible
Space is not always available.
A phone call is required to request changes.
Confirm final catering counts, AV & furniture setup details with the event coordinator.
What furniture setup type works
best for your content?
What audio visual equipment do you need?
Something Else....
How much will this cost?
There is no rental charge
for Castleton organizations to use a room for Castleton business.

7 Business
Days Ahead
Creating a Timeline
Adding event details
Conferences & Events
Requests for
changes are
automatically approved.
Make preliminary AV, furniture setup, catering,
& marketing requests.
2 Weeks
Requests for
space are
automatically approved.
Conferences & Events
If you need assistance the
day of your event, please contact:
Virtual EMS
[U - Shaped]
[banquet B]
[hollow square]
[banquet A]
Log In
Don't worry if the Castleton Portal Login page pops up. Logging into the portal using the link provided will log you in to the Virtual EMS System.
Ordering food? Contact the Conferences & Events Office via email:
first, establish a...
Using Virtual EMS to
make requests:
Call us.
We can help.
That's it! You've learned how to use Virtual EMS!
at least
at least
Setup Type
EMS will find rooms that
meet your criteria.
Make sure to include number of attendees. This will filter rooms by the expected number of guests.
Now you can make changes online!
Click View My Requests
Click the
green +
to add or edit services.
Click an event name to edit.
Up to 5 business days prior to your event
Click to add a new service request.
Click the pencil to edit an existing service request.
You can make as many changes as you need.
Virtual EMS address:
Bookmark this site.
Add a new service:
Existing Service:
Update instructions.
Update quantity.
Need multiple rooms?
Click multiple
green +
Edit Date Time or Location
Click the pencil to edit the date, time or location.
Edit Date Time or Location
To reserve a space...
Student Clubs:
Please use Matt Patry as your 2nd Contact.
If you need to change details closer to the event
You're having trouble changing details online
Fill in the event name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on the calendar
There are many options for event types. Please choose ONLY the one that fits your event best!
Using Virtual EMS
Making changes to Reservations
Please Note:
The Castleton Conferences and Events office is open Monday - Friday,
8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
If you're not sure what is in a room, double click it to view many detail options
Navigate between tabs to view more information
You can now login to start making a reservation!
After submitting your event in EMS, please email the Conferences & Events office what you would like for food. Make sure to use either the name of your event or reservation number as the subject of your email. This is the best way to ensure your food order will be received.
Click the
green +
to select a room.
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