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Alpha Chi Omega: Recruitment!

No description

Rachel Taylor

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Alpha Chi Omega: Recruitment!

Recruitment; An Overview
Alpha Chi Omega: Recruitment!
What is recruitment?
New Members!
Continue the legacy!
Impact collegiate women's lives!
Alpha Chi Omega's Recruitment Team
CRIC (2)
Members at Large (2)
VP of Recruitment

Recruitment Assistants (3)

Party Day Chairs (5)
Open House Day
Skit Day
Philanthropy Day
Preference Day
Bid Day
Collegiate Recruitment Information Board

Erin Mihanovic
ANY Excuses due to: mizzouaxocric@gmail.com
Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair (CRIC)

Holly Hoffmeister
Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair (CRIC)
Catherine Bridges

Member at Large
Maggie Hallam
Member at Large
Recruitment Assistants
Ashley Harrison
Kassidy Miller
Abbey Rosenblum
Vice President of Recruitment
Rachel Taylor
Who: Active AXO members
What: Sisterhood Week
When: Two Weeks before school starts; 1 week before formal recruitment
Where: 900 Richmond Ave.
Why: To prepare for Formal Recruitment & get awesome New Members (like y'all!)

Sisterhood Week
Who: AXO's and Potential Members

What: Formal Recruitment

When: 1 Week before school

Where: 900 Richmond

Why: To expand our chapter and continue the legacy of Alpha Chi Omega!
Formal Recruitment
What is it?
Continuous Open Bidding (COB)
Open House Day: Lia Milazzo
Emerald Greek Shirts
White, J Crew Shorts
Brown Ann Taylor Belt
Gold DSW Wedges
Round 1
Two Days long
Monday & Tuesday
Sisterhood Day (skit day): Brittany Rich
Round 2
Two Days long
Wednesday & Thursday
White Tommy Oxford
Black J Crew Shorts
Black Target Sandals
Mizzou Accessory
Round 3
1 Day long
Philanthropy Day: Michelle Reichmeier
Lilac Shirts
White Nike Tennis Skirt
White Target Sandals
Pastel Bow
Round 4
1 Day long
Preference Day: Ava Zanzie
Black Dresses
Nude Pumps
Bid Day: Courtney Kiley
Purple & Blue Tanks!
All of this equals New Members!
Party Day Chairs
• Recruitment Workshops:
o Monday, September 9th at 7:30pm NEW MEMBERS ONLY
o Monday, September 30th at 7:30pm ALL CHAPTER
o Monday, November 11th at 7:30pm ALL CHAPTER
• Recruitment Workshop Excuses due to mizzouaxocric@gmail.com by Tuesday, September 3rd!

Excuses are now due Friday, September 13th! Don't forget or you won't be excused!
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