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Poetry Without Borders

No description

Missy Gladden

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Poetry Without Borders

Poetry without Borders
Discover what influences poets and their writing!
Luis J. Rodriguez
Time: 1920's

After Slavery was abolished

but, before the civil rights movement, so daily living was still filled with discrimination and segregation

A time african americans were first able to display their many talents

The Harlem Renaissance

1970s - Vietnam

California barrio

Words saved Luis, and he's using them to save his community...
The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes

Listen carefully to the traits of blues:

What is the tone of blues? (romantic, sorrowful, joyful, etc.)

What is the musician trying to express in his song? (love, struggle, triumph, etc.)
Watch Harlem Renaissance Video on BrainPop!
Langston Hughes: A Life and Legacy
Girls and Education
The Rose That Grew from Concrete
(see, think, wonder)
Poet-Poem Connection
Now it's time to make connections between what we know from Langston's biography and his writing, "The Weary Blues."

What may've influenced the ideas of Langston's poem? consider the choice of music and the singer's message. use text evidence in your writing and paraphrase your sources.
Malala's Story
Malala Mural
Journal: See, Think, Wonder
The link below leads to other videos on this issue:
Personal Narrative Connection: MAlala and Fear
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