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If I Stay Book Report Presentation

No description

Hope Yi

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of If I Stay Book Report Presentation

If I Stay
The Hall family drives to their grandparents because of the cancellation of school, due to the thin layer of snow
On their way, they are involved in a deadly car accident, leading to the death of Mia's parents and her brother
Mia realizes she is unharmed from the accident and discovers an extreme phenomenon: she is watching everything that is happening to her body and is able to move around without anybody seeing her
Mia watches her body being rushed to the hospital, going through countless medical processes
Mia's body is unconscious and is in a stable state in a hospital room
At this time, Mia goes through series of memories from the past
To Leave the World
Throughout the entire book, Mia is debating on whether or not she should leave or stay. If she left, she wouldn't have to deal with the hardships of being crippled. She would be able to go on to Heaven to be reunited with her parents and her younger brother.
To Stay in the World
If Mia chose to stay and live the rest of her life, she would be able to complete her life and live with her boyfriend and grandparents. She would have a chance to achieve her dream of becoming a professional cellist.
By: Gayle Forman
Hope Yi
Hannah Jeon
Ms. Brown
Honors English 9 - Period 6
18 October 2013
"...in this part of Oregon, a slight dusting brings everything to a standstill as the one snowplow in the county gets busy clearing the roads. It is wet water that drops from the sky--and drops and drops and drops--not the frozen kind" (Forman 3).

"It's a horseshoe-shaped room with about a dozen beds and a cadre of nurses, who constantly bustled around, reading the computer printouts that churn out from the feet of our beds recording our vital signs. In the middle of the room are more computers and a big desk, where another nurse sits" (Forman 51)
Summary (cont.)
Mia listens to a very kind nurse and hears her saying that whether or not Mia lives is up to her
Mia continues to watch her surroundings and her relatives and friends visit her
Mia's grandparents speak to her body in the hospital and as Mia hears them, her grandparents give her permission to leave the world
Mia meets her boyfriend and hears him speak to her body, begging her not to leave
Mia needs to make the decision on whether or not she should stay or leave the world
Main Characters
Like her parents, Mia has a strong interest in music, especially classical music- "It made me hear the cello in an entirely new way, how its low tones worked in concert with the viola's higher notes, how it provided a foundation for the woodwinds on the other side of the orchestra pit" (Forman 136).

Mia is passionate about playing the cello and has been playing it for nearly all her life- "I'm always reminded of why I started playing cello in the first place - that there is something so human and expressive about it" (Forman 38).

Mia is loving and devoted to her boyfriend, Adam Wilde. Even though they went through struggles and troubles, she believed that they would both be able to get through those difficult times together- "It didn't start out smoothly with Adam and me. I think I had this notion that love conquers all" (Forman 54).

Throughout the entire book, Mia faces a dilemma where she needs to decide whether or not she should stay in this world or leave- "How am I supposed to decide this? How can I possibly stay without Mom and Dad? How can I leave without Teddy? Or Adam? This is too much" (Forman 88).

Mia sees all the things occurring around her and watches her body. She is able to walk around, follow the people in the hospital, watch her family and friends, and listen to everything that is going on- "It's my bracelet. I was wearing it this morning. I looked down at my wrist. I'm still wearing it now" (Forman, 17)
Everybody loses something or someone in their lives. No matter how hard it is, we manage to survive our losses. Love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world that doesn't hurt. Love makes you immortal.
Recommendation of Hannah Jeon
If I Stay
by Gayle Forman, is a very dark book
explaining how Mia, the main character, is watching many tragedies occur to herself. After a deadly car accident, causing the death of her family, Mia needs to face a very blood freezing choice. This novel is filled with love, decisions, friendship, and acceptance Gayle Forman writes flashbacks of Mia's memories from the past connecting the story, piece by piece. I recommend this novel to readers who like simple story lines and cheesy love stories.
Recommendation of Hope Yi
If I Stay
by Gayle Forman is a heartbreaking
love story that begins with a tragic car accident.
The main character, Mia Hall, faces a dilemma that haunts her throughout the entire book. With her family gone and dead, Mia needs to decide whether or not she should live or die. Filled with heartwarming moments and tragic situations, this novel displays the strength of love and love's capabilities. Although it may seem very detached because of the countless number of flashbacks, the novel was a very dramatic love story.
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