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Website Ideas

No description

Ben Green

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Website Ideas

Wind and waves
The images that I have already chosen are relateable to the theme because they are images like surf boards, surfing, beaches and the resort that you have, showing how great the waves and scenery is. These picture will intrigue the users because of the photography and the feeling and vibe it is giving off to come down to the beach.
The web pages that I have chosen and are suitable to design.
Gallery - Some products will be sold and advertised on this page.
News - Telling you about the events happening etc.
About us - Telling the user
who we are.
Blog - showing our story
Sounds that will be being used are sounds such as waves rippling onto the beach, seagulls calling, sound of a breeze giving you that feeling you are on a beach. This evokes all the good memories that your clients had.
Youtube videos also will be on the blog showing the users what a great experience it is and how much fun it is. This will promote them to travel to Cornwall to surf because of how good the waves are. Hyperlinks will also be on the website to interact and go to linked websites and other pages so it is more efficient for the users.
Fonts that I have used on my website are ColdSpagetti BTN this font suits my web page because it is the right house style because it is like a surfing style this being in relation with the website and the theme of the website being made.
Wind and Waves
Dear Beth,
I am presenting this presentation to you to have your agreement to proceed with our ideas and plans to develop the website we have already began on. This presentation will explain to you all the ideas and things we have already put into the website, hopefully it will appeal to you.
Web pages
The animation I have created is my own scrolling image's showing the brilliant photos we have selected which are suitable for the website.
Also some animations will automatically change for example the news page will change by itself to show latest news daily in the world of surfing.
- Here is what the text looks like
on the webpages
Your website
will be secure
Your website will
help the customers
The website will appeal
to the age group
This website will attract customers all around the globe, to increase your income and the stores income all year round. We have the expertise get your website to the highest standard by promoting it on social media sources. You can also view this website on mobile devices not just from your laptop making it easier for customers This is attracting more customers and boost your business popularity.

So Beth, are you interested?
This is the banner on the website I have created.
You can also view this website on mobile devices not just from your laptop making it easier for customers, it is compatible with other devices like a tablets or T.V this letting you connect with the new generation who are always using Phones, tablets etc. This giving you building blocks to expand on your business because you are able to reach everybody out there.
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