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The Amazon Rainforest

No description

Hanna Moore

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest
by- Hanna Moore
Welcome to Hanna's Amazon Rainforest Tour! Today I will take you on a journey through the Amazon Rainforest, where we will learn about the flora and fauna of this rainforest. We will also learn about the people of the Amazon, the economy, and the place it holds in the world. So buckle up and enjoy the ride
Fauna of the Amazon
The amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world and the perfect sanctuary for dozens and dozens of living creatures, from big to small. One of these creatures I learned about really caught my eye, It was called a Tapir. A tapir was an exotic, old, Amazon animal that is on the brink of extinction. I thought it was interesting because of it's old age and unique look. Take a peak at some of the animals you would see in this breathtaking rainforest!
Leafcutter Ant
Flora of the Amazon
Next on our tour of the Amazon Rainforest we will look at the flora or the vegetation of the Amazon. In this beautiful forest you will find amazing flowers, colorful leaves, and much more. Up from the tall trees and all the way down to the forests floors, the Amazon will never fail to please with its diverse and lush greenery.
Water Lilly
Kapok Tree
The People of the Amazon
Another unique quality about the Amazon is the many indigenous tribes that call the rainforest their home. The tribes can range in the number of people in their memberships , some have few while others have many. Another thing that can range is the languages, rituals, and ways of life of all the different tribes. With this many tribes who speak their own language, where their own clothing, and have their own ways of life, you can start to imagine the variety of cultures that make a very interesting economy.
Logging and Deforestation
One industry important to this rainforest is the logging industry. Is logging a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it can be both. Think of it this way you just got a job as a Amazon Rainforest logger. Business is booming and your rolling in the cash every tree you chop down. This work will provide you and your family with cash to take care and provide others with wood for, well... whatever they want to use it for. That would be a positive effect of the logging industry, but in the long shot you are killing the environment, making a less diverse rainforest, and doing a lot more negative then positive. 33% percent of the worlds wood comes from this forest and if we ran out, well lets just say it would be BAD.
Solutions to Deforestation
Deforestation is a HUGE issue of the Amazon Rainforest. If continued, it may destroy the whole rainforest and its uniqueness. How can we help? Well, you can help by finding substitutes for wood or maybe buy a heater instead of a wood stove.. There is many things we can do to stop or at least slow down the deforestation of the Amazon. Maybe you can start using both sides of your paper or start buying floss instead of toothpicks! Even the little things count.
The End!
Today on our tour we learned about the Amazon Rainforest. We learned about the big forests, the unique animals, the many tribes, the thriving life, the problem, and the solutions. Think back about this rainforest and the environment it holds. Don't destroy it, save it.
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